• Jan 14, 2020
 Longipennate parrot






Longipennate parrots

the Genus of longipennate parrots naschitvat 9 types. In the nature these parrots inhabit a tropical zone of Africa (from the Sahara to Cape Horn and from Ethiopia to Senegal).
Length of a body of longipennate parrots — from 20 to 24 cm, a tail — 7 cm. Wings, as well as follows from the name, long — reach a tail tip. The tail which is rounded off. Nadklyuvye strongly bent and large. Naked bridle.
Longipennate parrots are omnivorous.
In house conditions of longipennate parrots most often contain in open-air cages.
As a rule, adult longipennate parrots very watchfully concern people, but if to bring up a baby bird from hands, he can become the wonderful friend.
Live longipennate parrots long, happens — up to 40 years (and even longer).
Among fans are most popular Senegalese parrots.

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