• Sep 19, 2019

Loss of feathers at parrots is considered one from the most widespread diseases of birds.

the Reasons and ways of treatment of loss of feathers at parrots

  1. Moult: periodic (2 times a year) and juvenile (occurs in 3 — 4 months, about 2 months last). The parrot needs the strengthened food enriched with vitamins and mineral substances.
  2. Medical (allergy, trauma, hormonal failure). It is usually shown on all little body of a bird at once, can be followed by an itch and wrest of the remained feathers. At hormonal failure the bird needs or to pick up couple, or to address the veterinarian who will recommend special medicines.
  3. Physical (bacterial and viral infections, parasites and fungi). As a rule, the first the tail, and further — all body grows bald. Often there are sores, scabs and peeling. It is necessary to address the veterinarian.
  4. Boredom and stress (moving, change of owners, sharp noise, repair, fright, appearance of other animals, etc.). They can become the reason of a shock molt when feathers drop out bunches. Help: the strengthened food, warming up under a lamp, rest.
  5. Ecology: a close cage, too dry or smoked air or use of air fresheners, bad lighting (fluorescent lamps or flickering lamps),
  6. Wrong contents (unbalanced food or illiterate leaving). Balance a forage, add carrots, a yolk and apples. Clean a cage, all devices, normalize temperature and level of humidity indoors. And strictly observe the recommendations of the veterinarian!

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