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thanks to the effective elegant appearance worldwide. Now there are 7 types of data natatorial, including black, шипун, кликун, small, chernosheyny, American and the trumpeter. Knowing the description of a swan of this or that look, it is possible to distinguish them without effort. In many countries cultivation of swans in city ponds already became traditional. They can become fine decoration of any reservoir. To a pond where there lives a swan, there is a wish to return again. Majestic creations attract attention and create is made the fantastic atmosphere.

Magnificent bird swan: versions, a way of life, the habitat the Bird a swan is known to
worldwide thanks to the effective elegant appearance

the Way of life of black and chernosheyny types

When it is about these birds, many people imagine the air creations similar to the small cloudlets floating on a reservoir surface, however it not always so. For example, a black and chernosheyny swan do not differ in snow-white plumage, but it does not harm their shape at all. Now these birds draw attention to themselves in zoos worldwide. These species of swans differ in extremely unusual appearance.

Black birds became known to general public only at the beginning of the 20th century. They live mainly in the southwest of Australia and also in New Zealand and North America. They try to lodge in reserves where they are not disturbed by people, besides, their considerable population is present at zoos. Females, as a rule, a little more small than males. Length of a body of representatives of a look reaches about 142 cm, and weight – about 9 kg. Their plumage not purely black. Edges of plumelets are usually painted in gray color that gives to a bird special elegance. Nose and eyes bright red.

The Chernosheyny swan is nearly the most original representative of this sort. It is impossible to call him ugly. All his body is covered with white feathers, and here a neck and the head black. The beak of gray color, but over it is present a bright red outgrowth. The Chernosheyny swan reaches about 140 cm in length and reaches weight about 6.5 kg. Usually birds nest on small islands or in deaf reed. The Chernosheyny swan forms couples at early age. Males constantly accompany and protect the females chosen by them. the Chernosheyny swan shows consideration for baby birds. Adult individuals quite often roll young growth on the backs. Both views live in the wild nature about 10 years, and all this time they do not change partners.

Habitat of swans (video)


and shipuna in the wild nature

These breeds of swans also brought to these birds considerable popularity. Shipuna in some areas still are called giants because of enough impressive sizes. In the wild nature birds gain weight about 13-15 kg. Scope of their wings can reach about 2.5 m the Weight of a swan became the reason of hunting for birds and considerable reduction of their population in the 19th century. A body of a bird white, but feathers on the head differ in an unusual ocherous shade. It is one of species of a swan at whom the beak is two-color. Its basis and tip black, and central part bright orange or red. Paws at adult individuals black.

The young growth usually differs in a brown color which is replaced completely only in 3 years. The male and a female of a swan have the thick neck bent in the form of the Latin letter "S".

As looks кликун, much know well as they differ in the impressive sizes and are frequent guests of city ponds. This is a big bird whose wingspan reaches 2.4 m. Length of a bird can be about 155 cm. Weight fluctuates ranging from 10 up to 12 kg. The beak of a swan of a klikun of lemon color, but on its end is available a black claw. Forming couple, they quite often remain devoted to the partner even after his death. So it was accepted to call klikun still in the ancient time because of plaintive cries which they let out during a marriage season. Life in the wild nature is difficult and dangerous, but thanks to the large sizes of a bird are capable to drive away from young growth even some predatory animals.

Magnificent bird swan: versions, a way of life, the habitat Black birds became known for
to general public only at the beginning of the 20th century

Trumpeters and small swans in the habitat

Some representatives of this sort meet very seldom in the nature. A striking example is the small version. He meets generally on Chukotka and the Kola Peninsula. Birds have the individual drawing on a beak which tip always black, and the basis yellow. These birds reach about 140 cm in length. The scope of their wings reaches about 2 m. Life them is full of riddles. The look is rare and is included in the Red List.

A white swan the trumpeter is externally very similar to a klikun. However the black beak and dark irises of eyes are considered as distinctive features of this bird. The swan the trumpeter reaches weight in 13 kg. Length of a body fluctuates ranging from 140 up to 180 cm. The wingspan can reach about 2 m. The female of a swan of this look differs in more modest sizes in comparison with a male. Plumage at birds of pure white color. Usually the swan the trumpeter begins to nest in the end of spring, and sometimes and at the beginning of summer.

After courtings the female postpones until 9 eggs. Further a swan the trumpeter hatches out posterity for a month. Couple in common cares for young growth and preserves them against predators. The swan the trumpeter can breed in bondage where these birds live even up to 30-year age. In the wild nature duration of their life is about 10 years. They are not included in Red in the book yet, but population of these birds is gradually reduced because of poaching.

Magnificent bird swan: versions, way of life, habitat

Graceful American klikuna

These birds in comparison with the relatives differ in the modest sizes. The American swan on average weighs about 6-8 kg. Length of a body of a bird does not exceed 130 cm Superficially it resembles the reduced copy of a klikun. The American swan nests in a tundra zone of the northern hemisphere.

These birds differ in a white color of plumage, a black beak and pads. The basis of a beak has yellow spots.

The American swan tries to lodge far away from people as he differs in very timid temper. This look is considered rare as on it hunting during seasonal migrations is conducted. The American swan creates monogamous couples. During the season they are capable to leave no more than 5-6 baby birds, and from them can only become 1 polovozrely as swans in places where young growth polar foxes and other predators trap breed. The American swan is ranked as the types which are under the threat.

Magnificent bird swan: versions, way of life, habitat

Some interesting characteristics of birds

Considering that these beautiful birds quite often occupy city reservoirs, information on their behavior is collected much. However many interesting facts about swans are still unknown to many people. For example, the young growth can be confused with baby birds of other natatorial easily. As the cub of a swan of the trumpeter and other types quite often ugly duckling is called, it cannot be accident. The growing-up baby birds can be confused with gooses or ducklings easily. After studying of behavior and life of birds became known that:

  • they differ in nasty temper;
  • the nest of a swan is always equipped in a dense cane;
  • they are capable to create triads;
  • the region is warmer, the plumage is more dark.

the Facts about swans (video)

Beautiful swans trumpeters and other types are in most cases careful parents, and in it they do not have equal. They are concerned about the posterity up to 2 years, helping baby birds in search of a forage. If adult birds see a predator, they can attack it and even seriously wound.

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