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Since ancient times the white peacock was considered as the most beautiful bird in the world were spread. And only the rich and noblemen were able to afford to part them in private and farms. In Christianity the image of a bird was worshipped, connecting it with symbolics of the sun and beauty of imperishable soul. As the peacock periodically updates the plumage, its began to consider an immortality standard. In the people even rumors that flesh of a bird, having lain in the earth 3 days, does not decay were spread.

Marvelous white peacock: the description and cultivation
Since ancient times the white peacock was considered as the most beautiful bird in the world

General information

Quite often males organize among themselves competitions for attention of females . However not only they draw with it attention, and the most important pride of this large fazanovy bird – a legendary fanlike tail.

In the Joint association on cultivation of peacocks 185 kinds of a color of plumage are formalized. Shades of peach, purple, yellowish-green, bronze Buford, coal, midnight and opal color are especially beautiful. Creamy-blue, green and golden shades of plumage are even more often applied by designers and fashion designers, at the same time 5 variations of a color are recognized as patterns.

A peacock the albino in the snow-white attire excites mind and consciousness of professional manufacturers and judges of distinguished beauty. This bird likes to shout before a rain. Its shout is similar to sharp cat's.

Marvelous white peacock: the description and cultivation
As the peacock periodically updates the plumage, its began to consider a standard бессмертия

География distribution

The white peacock looks more exotically against the background of the color tribespeople, under natural conditions he lives in various regions of Vietnam, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand. In India this bird solemnly carries the status of sacred and it is considered royal. Inhabitants of the Southern Asia note a special gift of a white peacock to see danger except that a bird the albino has a loud voice.

Peacocks like to lodge in places, densely dumetose, a grass and other vegetation and also on slopes of mountains where there are special shelters.

White peacocks carry out the most part of the life on the land, show activity mainly during daylight hours. For a lodging for the night try to discover the high trees growing at big height – and it to 2000 m above sea level.

Marvelous white peacock: description and cultivation

White color – one of the oldest and often found variations of a color of the Indian peacock which became known to mankind in the 19th century. Charles Darwin proved that these birds by the nature are not the real albinos. White color of their plumage is caused by a genetic factor: it occurs at stay autosomny prepotent аллеля in a homozygous state. Experienced poultry breeders seek for maintaining purity of genetic lines of birds albinos today.

White peacocks have blue or blue color of eyes, unlike albinos who have red eyes, on feathers of a tail of males it is possible to make out outlines of eyes.

the Female of a white peacock on appearance much differs from a male : the last loves is proud to straighten the magnificent and long tail, females cannot brag of it. Representatives of this kind of peacocks differ in a strong massive constitution that allows them to stand on the own two feet. Growth of one individual on average varies within 100-120 cm

A peacock white irrespective of, he is a male or a female, always purely white color. The loop from beautiful feathers in length can reach 160 cm, on a long high neck the little head flaunts. The weight of a male can reach a point in 4-4.2 kg.

More detailed description of a peacock reports about other characteristics: a tail at individuals of this look long – about 45 cm, legs strong, average length, wings usually short, but densely pressed to a body. Pavlin draws attention of farmers with the beautiful cop in the form of a crown, which is located on the head of feathery.

In the native habitat the bird with ease moves. Despite a long tail, the peacock even adapted to fly. He with ease transfers cold weather, sharp temperature fluctuations, however does not recognize some bird species.

This peacock is subdivided by professional manufacturers into 2 views – white and chernoplechy. Both carry the status of a natural variation of a color of the look. But Americans began to cross uncontrolledly various kinds of peacocks. As a result unique birds of the most intricate and exotic color turned out.

Reproduction and maintenance in the open-air cage

Very often white birds can be seen in private possession of Russia. In spite of the fact that peacocks are natives of hot edges, all of them equally perfectly acclimatized in many regions of the Russian Federation.

By the nature white peacocks of a poligamna. If in plans there is a chicken farming, then it will be required to start the family consisting of 1 male and at least 3-4 females. They breed mainly during a spring and summer season.

It is possible to support a white peacock in the yard in a zone with warm climate, on cold season for feathery it is better to equip the warm open-air cage which length is brought closer to 5 m, and height – to 3 m. During reproduction it is possible to admire all beauty of dairy and cream plumage of a male.

Marvelous white peacock: description and cultivation

It is possible to receive about 15 eggs from one female, an indispensable condition at the same time is their everyday collecting. Peahens by the nature are beautiful brood hens, average of eggs in a laying of one individual – about 6-7 pieces.

That to a bird it was always comfortable, she looked healthy and beautiful, it is required to take care of her contents. In particular, arrangement of the certain place is necessary for the nesting protected from the scorching beams of the sun, a rain and wind.

In the open-air cage it is necessary to organize surely a corner for feeding of a white peacock where there has to be a convenient drinking bowl with clear water. It is indoors recommended to equip the basket covered with straw or a convenient box.

The daily menu of white peacocks for 60% consists of grain and cereal crops. This kind of birds adores regaling on a fresh meadow grass, grated vegetables, boiled potatoes, dry crumbs of bread, boiled porridge, at the same time to freshness of food peacocks are very exacting. Germinated seeds of wheat before giving should be washed out surely, to periodically clean drinking bowls and feeding troughs of birds, to make disinfection.

Marvelous white peacock: description and cultivation

of the Recommendation about cultivation

For receiving healthy posterity it is necessary to follow a complex of the following rules at cultivation of white peacocks:

  • it is necessary to parovat birds strictly with individuals of the same color;
  • couple should not include individuals from one brood, the parovaniye with family relations brings birth of weak and impractical posterity;
  • for cultivation it is better to use strong individuals with the best criteria of breed;
  • the female has to hatch out eggs in the place protected from a frost and cold.

It is impossible to settle at all to white peacocks of other birds as the first owing to the selfish, haughty and cocky temper can beat strangers who try to take their place to death.

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