• Jan 14, 2020
maskovy nerazluchnik in a cage
Maskovy nerazluchnik Agapornis personatus
Group Popugayeobrazny
Family Popugayevy
Rod Nerazluchniki's


A small korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body of 14.5 cm and up to 50 гр. Length of a tail is 4 cm. Both floors are painted equally — the main color of a body green, on the head there is a brown-black mask, a breast yellow-orange, a nadkhvostya olive. The beak is massive, red. Voskovitsa light. Okologlaznichny ring naked and white. Eyes are brown, paws gray-blue. Females are slightly larger than males, the heads have more rounded shape.

Life expectancy at due leaving makes 18 — 20 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature

For the first time the look was described in 1887. The look is under protection, but is not vulnerable. Population is stable.

Live in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique in packs up to 40 individuals. Prefer to lodge on acacias and baobabs, near water in savannas.

Maskovy nerazluchnik feed on seeds of native-grasses, cereals and fruits.


The nested period falls on the dry period (March - April and June — July). Nest colonies in hollows of separate trees or small groves. Usually the nest is built by a female in which then lays 4 — 6 white eggs. Incubatory period of 20 — 26 days. Baby birds hatch helpless, covered with down. Leave a hollow at the age of 6 weeks. However still some time (about 2 weeks) parents feed up them.

In the nature exist unsterile hybrids between maskovy and Fischer's nerazluchnik.

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