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Molukksky cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis)




of the Cockatoo


of the Cockatoo

 cockatoo close up of a photo

On a photo: molukksky cockatoo. Photo: wikimedia

Appearance and description of a molukksky cockatoo

The Molukksky cockatoo is a korotkokhvosty large parrot with an average length of body about 50 cm and weighing about 935 g. Females of a molukksky cockatoo are usually larger than males. On a color both floors are identical. Coloring of a body white with a pinkish shade, more intensive on a breast, a neck, the head and a belly. Podkhvostye has orange with yellow a shade. Area under wings pink-orange. The cop is quite large. Internal feathers of a cop orange-red. The beak is powerful, gray-black, paws black. The Okologlaznichny ring is deprived of feathers and has a bluish shade. The iris at polovozrely males of a molukksky cockatoo brown-black, at females коричнево-оранжевая.
Продолжительность lives of a molukksky cockatoo at the correct leaving makes about 40 — 60 years.

 the Molukksky cockatoo on a pole holds up the head for rippling of a photo

On a photo: molukksky cockatoo. Photo: wikimedia

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a molukksky cockatoo

The Molukksky cockatoo lives on some Moluccas is an endemic of Australia. World population of wild birds totals up to 10.000 individuals. The look is subject to destruction by poachers and extinction because of loss of natural habitats.
Lives a molukksky cockatoo at the height up to 1200 meters above sea level in untouched tropical rainforests without underbrush with big trees. And also in open forests with low vegetation.
In a diet of a molukksky cockatoo various nuts, young cocoes, seeds of plants, fruit, insects and their larvae.
Out of a season of reproduction meet one by one or in couples, during a season get off in big packs. Are active in morning and evening hours.

 the Molukksky cockatoo with the spread photo wings

On a photo: molukksky cockatoo. Photo: wikimedia

Reproduction of a molukksky cockatoo

The nested season of a molukksky cockatoo begins in July-August. Usually for a nest of steam chooses a cavity in big trees, usually dead.

In a laying of a molukksky cockatoo usually 2 eggs. Both parents within 28 days hatch.

Baby birds of a molukksky cockatoo leave a nest at the age of about 15 weeks. However stick to about a month more near parents, and those feed up them.

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