• Jan 14, 2020

 parrots nerazluchnik in a cage Nerazluchniki's some of unpretentious birds for contents in cages and open-air cages therefore they are very popular.

Maintenance of nerazluchnik

Before to make to itself such bright friend, study literature, watch video with these birds, hear those sounds which are made by nerazluchnik. Only after that begin to look for to yourself the feathery pet.

Remember that no of types of nerazluchnik can be contained with other species of parrots in one cage, they are rather aggressive and can cripple smaller or even large birds or even to kill. Even at walk of these birds out of a cage, always cover cages with other birds as the nerazluchnik can easily seize the stood gaping bird by a finger.

In Latin the sort of nerazluchnik is called Agapornis, from Greek "agapein" that is translated how "to love" also Latin "ornis" that is translated as "bird". And in English the nerazluchnik also sounds as the Bird of Love (Lovebird).

However, despite the name "Nerazluchnik" these birds can quite live some if to pay them enough attention. And after loss of the partner, easily find contact with relatives and form new couple.

Strongly differ in Nerazluchniki from wavy parrots not only in appearance, but also character. They can show aggression not only to relatives, but sometimes and to the person, and even to the owner. You need to be ready that you can face also such not absolutely pleasant trait of character of these beautiful parrots. Besides, nerazluchnik have very weak ability to imitation of the speech of the person, especially talented birds can learn up to 10 words.

Often nerazluchnik gnaw wall-paper and furniture therefore providently in a cage toys in which these parrots with pleasure are interested have to be hanged out. It is not necessary to lodge these birds in wooden cages. Nerazluchniki not the cleanest parrots therefore it is necessary to remove often. Besides, the garbage and the remains of fruit will be scattered also out of a cage. Among other things, at nerazluchnik rather sharp and loud voice.

It is possible to refer their interesting behavior, bright coloring, unpretentiousness in contents to advantages of these parrots, ability to breed in bondage and huge opportunities in respect of selection.

The cage with sizes of 100/40/50 and more will be suitable for couple of nerazluchnik. Perfectly birds feel also in open-air cages where is necessary for them, an opportunity for flights. Birds are very active and without the necessary exercise can grow fat. The cage has to stand not under direct sunshine and is far from heating devices, avoid drafts. Also at contents very important factor is lighting therefore the cage or the open-air cage have to be located in well lit room, it is possible to use lamp UF also. At suitable weather surely arrange to nerazluchnik solar bathtubs, at the same time without exposing a bird on a blaze of the sun, and having arranged a cage somewhere in a shadow, having provided birds with water.

Feeding of nerazluchnik

A diet basis for nerazluchnik in bondage — grain mix. It is practical to use already ready industrial mixes for average parrots. Some producers produce such mixes for the African average parrots. But you remember that the forage has to be qualitative, packed into tight packing, without excess impurity and a musty smell. It is possible to check quality of a forage a prorashchivaniye. For this purpose a small part of grain needs to be placed on damp Wednesday or in the earth and to wait when it sprouts. If there ascended more than 90%, then grain qualitative. It is also possible to make zernosmes independently, but, besides, you remember about quality of grain. To a stern of a grain forage, at a diet there have to be green forages, fruit, vegetables, berries.

It is better to avoid animal products out of the nested period as they can provoke sexual behavior, obesity and excess load of a liver at birds. Green forages are dandelions, various wild cereals, a shepherd's bag, germinated cereals, a wood louse, a clover, etc. Surely treat the nerazluchnik with branches of fruit and some other trees (a birch, a linden, a willow). From fruit and vegetables practically all that happens at you on a table, except persimmon, potatoes, avocado and spicy herbs is possible. Also at a diet there have to be berries on a season. In a cage there has to be a separate feeding trough with mineral mix, swept also sepia. We do not forget as well about clear water which birds have to have in access constantly.

Cultivation of nerazluchnik

In spite of the fact that these species of parrots to contain rather often in bondage, cultivation of these parrots can cause some difficulties. Parrots for cultivation have to be absolutely healthy and refading, admissible age of a year. Birds should not be relatives. Before cultivation it is necessary to prepare the lodge of 15/15 in size suitable for this purpose, 25 cm high and diameter a letka of 5 — 7 cm. In 2 weeks prior to suspension of a lodge of birds it is necessary to begin to prepare for nesting. It is for this purpose gradually artificially increased light day, raznoobrazhivay a diet by sterns of animal origin (egg and carrot mix) and germinated grain as it contains a lot of vitamin E which stimulates parrots to reproduction. The grain forage in a diet needs to be reduced a little, and here to leave vegetables, fruit and greens in the same volume.

For construction of a nest offer birds the thin branches of a willow or a birch which are previously soaked and scalded by boiled water. Usually the female inserts these branches between feathers over a tail and wears out in a nest where she stacks a layer up to 8 cm. Very important condition at cultivation of nerazluchnik is support of the necessary humidity in a nest as development of eggs and baby birds depends on this parameter. Because of too dry air, the shell at eggs can be created very thick and baby birds when hatching will not be able to break it. If in the house it is dry, that is several ways of maintenance of humidity in a nest. Before installation of a lodge in it do the second bottom and bore through between the first and second openings. On the second bottom place the container with water. The second option — to drip several drops of water in corners of a nested lodge daily, however some birds can nervously treat this procedure and throw a laying. The thicket that it on the feathers itself brought moisture in a nest can also suggest a bird to bathe.

In general, nerazluchnik very good parents, sometimes some females it is difficult to stop after a laying, they want to bring baby birds all the year round, however forces of an organism are not boundless.

Birds need to reduce to wrecking of the first egg in a diet greens, to leave egg mix, grain, it is a little fruit and branch. After emergence of the first egg, from a diet it is necessary to remove egg mix, and to leave only grain and germinated cereals. After appearance of the first baby bird, in a diet has to again egg mix, then the porridges cooked on water and fruit will appear.

After an exit of baby birds from a nest some time parents finish feeding them, but when time of the second laying comes, baby birds it is necessary to transplant. Surely trace that all baby birds already independently ate by this time. That birds did not gather for the third laying, before an exit of baby birds from a nest birds need to begin to reduce light day. And as soon as the last baby bird will leave will leave a nest, the lodge needs to be removed. Remember that at one laying birds need to give rest at least half a year, at two layings in a row — birds have to have a rest year.

Sometimes between different types of nerazluchnik there is a love and birds remove posterity. At the same time hybrids between maskovy and nerazluchnik of the phisher can have further posterity, and here hybrids of the same views with a pink-checked nerazluchnik will be sterile and will not be able to bring baby birds.


From above-written that it is not so difficult to support these bright parrots, it is enough to create the minimum conditions necessary for any parrots and they long (up to 15 years) can please you with the presence and cheerful chatter.

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