• Feb 13, 2019

On the Internet is full of rollers with cheerful popugaychik which talk, sing, dance and carry out tricks. But it is only one party of a medal. There is also another. Who does not know about it, has every chance to buy a birdie, and then to look for to whom to sell it or to present. Not to appear on their place, in advance to know better about problems which owners of feathery pets face.

What It Is Necessary to Know About before Getting a Parrot

What it is necessary to know about parrots before to bring them?

Not of all can be trained

Even if the parrot treats the speaking look, it can not meet the expectations assigned to it. It is possible to talk to it for hours, and he will be persistently silent. It does not mean that the bird got with defect. At parrots different abilities to repetition of the human speech. For survival in the nature this skill is not necessary to them therefore it meets not at all.

It belongs also to tricks. Not each popugaychik is capable to learn them. And the owner has to have some abilities to training and use the correct methods.

They demand communication

For them it is vital every day to communicate with somebody. Several hours are desirable. If the popugaychik feels lonely, it can behave badly: to specially throw food on a floor, to be pecked, shout. And maybe it is worse: he will be depressed, will pluck feathers, will get sick. As a rule, the parrot is larger, the more attention he requires.

They loudly shout

Shouts – a natural way of communication at birds. They try to talk to people in the same way. It is possible to teach the feathery pet to call up the owner in more pleasant way, however completely to disaccustom to shouts it will not turn out. Many birds shout during a reproduction season and also daily in the morning and in the evening. This their natural behavior. Besides, the parrot can shout if he lacks attention or it has a stress.

Clamorousness differs at different types. As less noisy are considered wavy, korella, Senegalese and kakarik, but even they periodically dare to shout. So it is necessary to reconcile to this feature.

They bite

What It Is Necessary to Know About before Getting a Parrot

Parrots bite, protecting themselves and the territory. In the nature they usually warn that they are going to bite. People do not pay attention to these signs, and I will scare remains nothing how to pass to active actions. If the owner learns a bird's sign language, then considerably will reduce the probability to be bitten. If stings – result of ill-breeding, it is possible to try to re-educate the wretch, but it not always works well.

They litter and spoil property

In the apartment these unruly creations behave as also their free relatives. Instincts at them quite strong to disaccustom to them it is useless.

They scatter food pieces not because want to annoy the owner. It is an instinct which forces them to share food with other animals and to extend seeds of fruits. You will do nothing with it.

They gnaw furniture or books not for harm. They have to do it that the beak remained healthy. Certain owners manage to accustom the pets to spoil only the toys allocated for this purpose. Such education will demand patience and absolutely not necessarily it will be successful.

Birds defecate several times in an hour. When the feathery friend flies on the apartment, on a floor and on furniture there is a dung. However to hold a popugaychik locked up and not to allow it to fly – not an exit. It will badly affect his physical and mental health. It is regularly necessary to let out the prankish from a cage and to fight against consequences of walks.

their contents costs much

The cost of a parrot – only the beginning. That he led full-fledged life, it is required to buy a spacious cage, toys, an ultra-violet lamp, and for tropical types a humidifier. The pet needs to be fed daily with fresh vegetables and fruit, including in the winter.

What It Is Necessary to Know About before Getting a Parrot

If not to provide it, negative consequences will collect, as a result he will get sick and will die before term. And in time it is possible to notice an illness not always. Parrots instinctively hide symptoms of diseases not to show the weakness to predators. The birdie can eat and cheerfully jump with appetite, and in five minutes to fall down dead.

Treatment of the pet will run into money. It needs not the ordinary veterinarian, but the specialist in birds. Treatment at such doctors costs much. But there is good news: at the correct leaving parrots seldom are ill.

Is desirable to refuse some habits

In the presence of feathery favourites it is impossible to smoke, use spirits, air fresheners, fumigant injectors. It is necessary to avoid drafts and not to hold a window leaf constantly open.

Parrots should sleep much. At night in the room it has to be dark and silent. If they regularly do not get enough sleep, then become irritable and are ill.


That the popugaychik long lived and did not hurt, it is necessary to take care of its comfort – both physical, and emotional. It is necessary to be reconciled with some costs, and sometimes to change a habitual way of life. You should not expect from it indispensable progress in repetition of words and performance of tricks. Feathery pets are good also without it. If the popugaychik is satisfied with life if to it it is good, then the owner will receive for many years the beautiful and cheerful partner.

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