• Jan 14, 2020

of Aratinga finschi







Appearance of Aratingi Finschi

Aratinga Finschi is an average parrot with a long tail. Average length of a body about 20 cm, weight is up to 170 гр. Both floors are painted equally. The main color of a body of an aratinga of Finschi grassy-green, with impregnations red on a neck, wings. On a forehead a red spot. A breast and a belly with an olive shade. Swing feathers in wings and tail yellowish. The beak is more powerful, corporal color. Gray paws. Okologlaznichny ring naked and white. Orange eyes.
Life expectancy of Aratingi Finschi at due leaving can make about 15 — 20 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of an aratinga of Finschi

Aratinga Finschi lives in the western part of Panama, the East of Costa Rica and the South of Nicaragua. Heights remain at the level of 1400 meters above sea level in tropical and subtropical zones. Also live in low-lying forests and on open spaces with separate trees. Panama prefers the lands cultivated by the person, including coffee plantations.
Eat Finschi's arating flowers, fruit, various seeds, cultural cereals and corn.
Out of the period of reproduction can gather in packs up to 30 individuals. Can sometimes gather to one hundred, sitting highly on palm trees and other trees.

Reproduction of an aratinga of Finschi

Presumably nested period of an aratinga of Finschi falls on July. The female lays 3 — 4 eggs in a nest and hatches them about 23 days. Operenny baby birds of an aratinga of Finschi leave a nest at the age of 2 months.

Aratinga of a Finsh of a Photo

On a photo: Finschi's arating. Photo: google.ru

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