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Rod Arating includes more than 20 types, these birds often contain in quality of pets. They are loved for bright colors, amusing temper and mental abilities. Arating long enough live (about 20 — 30 years), they are hardy, not bad breed in the conditions of bondage. These parrots are quite unpretentious and do not demand any only diet and conditions.

Parrot of an Arating of a Photo

On a photo: parrot of an arating. Photo source: https://popugai.info

However parrots of this sort have one quite unpleasant minus — their voice. Shouts an arating to decibels can be compared to noise of a jackhammer or the lawn-mower. How to you such neighbourhood? A voice at an arating shrill and very loud therefore often they are recommended to support in street open-air cages. If it will be several birds, sounds, respectively, will be twice more.

If it does not frighten you, then an arating will become for you the excellent friend and the pet for long years, they are easily tamed and will please the owner with the tricks. Besides, many an arating can be trained in imitation of the speech and some sounds. Abilities to imitation at these parrots quite modest, however it is quite possible. It is necessary to refer their destructive beaks to one more feature. If not to provide them desirable material, furniture, wall-paper, etc. can be put to use

Maintenance and leaving for aratingam

For contents an arating it is necessary to use strong cages, and it is better open-air cages where the bird will be able to lead active life. The minimum size of a cage of 60х60х100 cm, but the more it will be, the better. If you plan to leave for a long time a bird one, then it is better to think of acquisition of couple of birds at once, and they do not have to be one look. Arating quite friendly concern parrots of the average size (rosellas, korella, monks, etc.), however it is necessary to support them in different cages, it is correct to acquaint.
In a cage of an aratinga have to be established poles with bark correctly of diameter. Be ready to replace them as birds quickly enough can put them out of commission. Poles it is better to have at different height. Besides, in a cage feeding troughs have to be established. Arating – quite strong birds and with ease overturn and even crack plastic feeding troughs therefore in a cage it is better to place metal or even heavy clay which can stand on a floor and the bird will not turn them. Same concerns also drinking bowls, they have to be quite strong. In addition, in a cage there have to be toys. It have to be not only ropes and pieces of wood, aratinga very much will like puzzles, especially birds will estimate furazhilka where something tasty will be hidden.

Offer birds a kupalka or arrange it in a cage if the place allows. However you remember what arating of "dirty creature" and all that you give to a bird from food, will be scattered not only in a cage, but also in nearby space. Besides, arating like to soak the food in a drinking bowl. Toys will be turned into chips, feeding troughs are turned.

If out of a cage you place the stand with toys and various entertainments for a parrot, the bird will be happy and your furniture will be whole.

Feeding arating

A diet the arating has to be rather various. Feeding an arating includes grain mix for average and large parrots. In grain mix there has to be a canary seed, various grades of a millet, it is a little oats, a buckwheat, sunflower and a carthamus. Offer germinated and tired grain, corn. Do not forget about green forages for an arating – different types of salad, a mangold, wild cereals, dandelions, a wood louse. Vegetables, fruit, berries (apple, carrots, broccoli, pear, orange, banana, pomegranate, fruits of cactuses, siliculose peas, haricot, celery, etc.). Nuts need to be given in limited quantity, as delicacy. Surely include in a diet an arating a branch forage.
In a cage have to be sources of minerals — mineral mix, sepia, clay, chalk.

Parrots of an Arating of a Photo

On a photo: parrots of an aratinga. Photo source: https://simple-fauna.ru

Cultivation arating

Arating in the nature breed in hollows therefore if you plan to breed these birds in bondage, it is necessary to make a nested lodge with sizes of 30х30х60 cm and a letok in 9 cm

Unfortunately, not to define a sex at an arating on external signs, females and males have an identical color. Sometimes even on behavior it is difficult to understand who before you. In most cases the genetic analysis will help.

For cultivation it is necessary to pick up polovozrely individuals (not less than 3 - 4 years) of a different floor, not related each other. Birds have to be moderately well-fed and healthy. For cultivation it is necessary to move birds to the spacious open-air cage, to increase gradually light day till 14 o'clock and to enter into a diet of a forage of animal origin, without excluding also various daily menu, greens and a branch forage. It is desirable that preparation lasted about a month.

of Aratingi quite strongly become attached to each other and create strong couples for the rest of life.

In the suspended nested lodge wood shaving has to be placed. In a laying usually from 3 to 5 eggs. Hatch a laying of a female. The male feeds the partner at this time and protects a nest. Baby birds are born covered with light down, blind and helpless. Bring up both of them the parent. At the age of about 2 months the baby birds who are already covered with feathers leave a nested lodge. As soon as they become completely independent, they can otsazhivat and begin to be tamed.

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