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For fans of poultry farming the quail is ideal option for cultivation as it is rather unpretentious, but very favorable birds. They manage cheap, at correctly chosen breed will give many eggs and meat of these birds is highly appreciated therefore here some pluses. However for the correct cultivation of quails it is necessary to meet certain conditions. It is necessary to consider that these birdies very strongly differ from domestic hens, though treat group of chicken.

Features of Cultivation of Quails in a Household
For fans of poultry farming the quail is ideal option for cultivation

That the poultry breeder needs to know about quails

All in the nature there are several species of quails, but not all are suitable for cultivation. According to opinion of experts, the ordinary quail (Koturniks Bonnater) is suitable as a bird for cultivation in the conditions of bondage most of all.

there is a lot of Features at these birds. As well as the majority of birds, quails eat grain therefore it is simple to raise them. Moreover, from egg there is an individual, already ready to normal life, who is covered with down, that is is protected from external influence, can see and independently is. But it is necessary to consider that little birdies demand special leaving.

Quails are thermophilic and badly transfer cold weather. They are migratory birds and in the environment go to the South from northern latitudes. This moment needs to be considered also at cultivation of quails. They perfectly fly and are able even to cross the Black Sea. Therefore for contents always do special cages with a low ceiling. It is necessary in order that birds did not fight the head about a ceiling in attempts to fly up.

Besides, the poultry breeder needs to consider such moment as flavoring feelings of quails. These birds possess very weak flavoring receptors therefore quite often eat junk food from which there can be poisoning. Not to allow similar succession of events, it is necessary to build normal feeding troughs and to give to quails only that food which is useful to them.

Feature of cultivation of quails is that they are considered as one of the most peace birds who are suitable for house cultivation. Therefore in one cage it is possible to provide several families at once, no conflicts should be. But the excessive narrowness of a bird will not be taken out, and it surely negatively will affect efficiency.

the Female of a quail can give up to 300 eggs a year. in one and a half months the bird turns into polovozrely age and can bring posterity. Males of quails are polygamous therefore the head of family serves about 5 females. The Yaytsenoskost good for the first 2-3 years. Then females cease to lay eggs, but all of them still perfectly are suitable – for use of meat. Depending on breed 1 carcass extends from 200 to 300 g. The average weight of egg is 10 g

Cultivation of quails (video)

Main advantages

Quails are tried to be bred in house conditions first of all for receiving eggs. However and meat of these birds is highly appreciated too as has great tastes and it is considered suitable for allergic persons. But nevertheless eggs of merits have more. Experts in the field of dietology assure that they can be used without restrictions. Huge plus is the fact that a bird the quail well rushes therefore also eggs can be sold not too expensively. It provides great demand on a product and big benefit for poultry breeders. If to compare quail eggs to chicken, then the first win in all respects. They are also available, as well as the products which are brought by hens, but at quail eggs tastes and nutritional value are much higher.

It should be noted that many consider similar products a panacea from many diseases. It is impossible to tell that eggs of a quail will be able to cure a serious disease, but as prevention they should be used nevertheless. It is considered that such products have the rejuvenating impact on an organism, and in Japan it was officially established at all that substances which contain in quail eggs can positively influence reproductive functions of the person and even to save from infertility.

In the nineties last century this product caused the real sensation in medicine. Experts began to find out in large quantities positive sides of quail eggs, but some researches were not completed therefore most often everything is based on own experience and rumors. For example, the facts of how when using quail eggs people recovered after radiation exposure were described.

Precisely to tell from what disease it is possible to escape by means of quail eggs, it is impossible. However it is useful to use them in food anyway. Similar products surpass in amount of vitamins many times those which bear hens. Experts always recommend to include in a diet quail eggs to those people who suffer from oncology or from tuberculosis.

the Advantage of cultivation of quails is also that they give a dung, which can become excellent fertilizer . Feathers can be applied to stuffing of pillows. And even the bone of birds can be milled and added to a forage other animal that will be an excellent source of calcium.

Features of Cultivation of Quails in a Household
of Quails is tried to be parted in house conditions first of all for receiving eggs

of Breed for house cultivation

The type of a bird needs to be chosen depending on for what she will be grown up. There are three main types of breeds, namely egg, meat and meat - egg. The first type is considered the most favorable as demand for quail egg is always. One of the smallest representatives of this look are the English black quails. Their average weight is only 180 g. One female is capable to bring in a year to 300 eggs. White English quails reach weight nearly 400 g. And it at a good yaytsenoskost. Such bird species as marble quails, мелковат, but eggs they give much.

One more medium-sized breed of yaytsenosky type is Japanese. They lay small eggs, but on 300 pieces a year. Feature of these birds is that they are absolutely unpretentious in the contents therefore poultry breeders very much love them.

As for meat breeds then one of the most popular options is the Texas quail. The female reaches weight in 500 g. But this breed has one lack, namely a bad oplodotvoryaemost of eggs. Much better in this plan "Pharaohs" work. They quickly breed in comparison with other types, but their weight on 100 g falls short of the Texas breed. The average yaytsenoskost of quails of breed "Pharaoh" makes 150 eggs. Besides, also the meat breed "the Turkish Pharaoh" is popular. These birds differ in big weight.

If the poultry breeder plans to receive both good carcasses, and enough eggs, then it is worth paying attention to the Estonian breed. These are some of the best birds for commercial cultivation. Similar results are shown also by the French individuals.

a lot of things depend On breed of a bird. But does not need to be forgotten about that, the correct selection of a forage, the place is how important for accommodation of birds, temperature condition, etc. If the quail has no conditions, favorable for it, it can badly rush. But quite often occurs that the bird just refuses food because of what she loses flesh and perishes. Not to allow similar succession of events, it is necessary to provide suitable contents for birds that by all means will affect efficiency.

Features of Cultivation of Quails in a Household

Choice of an incubator

To receive enough baby birds, it is necessary to get an incubator. It can be industrial or household. If the poultry breeder supports no more than 2000 individuals, it is possible to be limited also to the second option.

Incubators are different. > For quails it is desirable for strong to choose such which will be equipped with temperature regulators and function of turning of eggs.

As a rule, an exit of baby birds makes 70%. With each breed this indicator can change, but most often about 30% of eggs are not impregnated. A bookmark can occur vertically or horizontally. The big difference in number of posterity will not be, but vertical loading is recommended to a thicket by experts.

Features of Cultivation of Quails in a Household

How to receive from egg a quail

After from an incubator the first kids will appear, they need to be moved in an elektrobruder at once. It is a special box which is equipped with the heating system. It is necessary to consider that kids of different age category have to be held in various places as they can not get on and seniors will begin to zaklevyvat small.

For kids very important role is played by heat. At first temperature has to be not less than 35 °C. For this purpose use special heaters or infrared lamps. Bulbs of energy saving type cannot be used as they do not give heat.

  • After to kids week will be executed, it is possible to reduce temperature to 30 °C. In 10 days air can be 25 °C. It should be taken into account also that these birds do not transfer high humidity. Therefore it has to be no more than 60%. It is impossible to support young quails in crude rooms.
  • Production of boxes to which the warming and lighting bulbs are suspended will be an optimal variant. Here drinking bowls and feeding troughs have to be surely established. At the same time it is necessary to watch that birds did not become wet during drink. If the baby bird bathes, he can get sick at once. All sick fowls need to be kept separately from healthy that they did not infect the others.
  • On a floor of a box or a cage there has to be a laying that baby birds did not fail. But here it is necessary to be very careful. At all use of newspapers or any other printed materials is not allowed. In paint there can be a lead from which birds will die within a week. Water in a drinking bowl has to change twice a day. The feeding trough cleans up after each feeding and is disinfected.
  • An important point is lighting. At first it has to be round-the-clock. For oviparous hens lighting does not need to be switched off for the first 2 months of life, and for meat 3 months of continuous light are necessary. Then it is possible to reduce light day till 17 o'clock.

it is possible to Replace kids to adult birds after it executes month . But at first it is necessary to watch behavior of individuals of different age as they can have partitions of the territory and hierarchical fights surely. It is very dangerous and can cost life to young birds.

Features of Cultivation of Quails in a Household

Care of adult birds

This birdie is considered not especially whimsical. They take not enough place, but nevertheless not less than 15 cm ² have to fall on each individual. At contents in cages it is necessary to watch that all quails could reach a forage and water quietly. Besides, it is necessary to provide the comfortable temperature as quails do not love cold. The neglect this condition will surely affect efficiency of a bird. It is important to watch that there were no drafts. If at birds feathers begin to drop out in large quantities, it is necessary to rearrange surely cages to other place.

Feed adult quails 3 times a day. mix from ground and whole grain is the for this purpose best of all to use. It is possible to add egg and greens for the best efficiency to a feeding trough. To water the bird always has to have free access. Liquid needs to be changed at once as soon as signs of a zamutneniye appear. It is impossible to give to drink to quails cold water.

For ensuring good gain of weight and a high yaytsenoskost it is necessary to give to birds vitamins. They can be received from special compound feed which is produced especially for feeding of quails. But it is impossible to call such way favorable therefore many poultry breeders try to provide the birds with vitamins in a different way. For this purpose it is possible to do to quails carrot and beet salads and also to give crude potatoes. So birds will receive enough vitamins A, In, With, calcium and starch. Besides, it is worth giving to birds and cottage cheese which contains a lot of protein.

Production of a cage for quails the hands (video)

Healthy birds well will grow and give many eggs. Therefore they need to be processed periodically from worms and blood-sicking insects who give the mass of an inconvenience. In cages it is necessary to remove and carry out disinfection in due time.

To be engaged in cultivation of quails – not only interestingly and simply, but also it is favorable. It can become a great idea for business as eggs and meat of these birds are highly appreciated and are always in demand. The main thing – to provide to birds due care that will allow to create the whole quail farm in short terms.

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