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In the world are contained by more than 700 breeds of birds. They are subdivided into wild and house. Boyny pigeons are of special interest for manufacturers. It is group of birds which during flight quickly flops itself, making at the same time loud sounds. Enters it many types having unpretentiousness, beauty and ability to play. The direction in pigeon breeding is given flight and decorative character.

Kinds of Boyny Pigeons and Their Feature
boyny pigeons

They are of special interest For manufacturers carry out vertical and horizontal somersaults, clapping at the same time wings. The somersaulting pigeon soars up into the sky even under the scorching sunshine, perfectly transferring high temperature of air. The Boyny bird somersaults not only in the course of summer, she does it and at take-off.

Distinctive properties of birds

Boyny pigeons have certain advantages:

  • are undemanding to food;
  • are rather hardy;
  • a long time are capable to be in flight;
  • are indifferent to conditions of keeping;
  • perfectly are guided when flying;
  • without problems come back home;
  • flight of boyny pigeons always long.

Distinctly qualities of a pigeon are shown only on the third month of life. But some breeds begin to fly up only for the second year. What later the bird begins to somersault, she is appreciated that among experts above.

Birds have to fly surely to certain time. Manufacturers make the schedule of flights of a pigeon, considering a physical condition of individuals and duration of flights.

Kinds of Boyny Pigeons and Their Feature

Birds also draw with the external data attention of pigeon breeders. The description of variety of options of coloring and plumage takes imagination. Many of them treat decorative breeds. Among themselves differ in style and features of summer. Their value is defined by type and purity of coloring. Experts subdivide birds into 2 groups:

  • flight and game;
  • exhibition.

Degree of value of game pigeons is determined by type and purity of a color, and exhibition eksteryerny to signs. Beautiful copies cost very much.

Selection and rejection (video)

Appearance of birds

Everything species of boyny pigeons in air can brag of grace and beauty. It is possible to see them with feathers standing, forelocks and cops. Plumage most often modest, but meets a complex combination of flowers, sometimes even very smart and various.

Kinds of Boyny Pigeons and Their Feature
They carry out vertical and horizontal somersaults, clapping at the same time крыльями

Распространенные breeds

Most of poultry breeders is inclined to claim that the homeland of these birds are Iran and Turkey. To the Caucasus, the Crimea and Central Asia they were delivered from Persia. In the world contains only several centers of pigeon breeding where experts are engaged in cultivation. Birds receive only unique characteristics peculiar to a certain region there. Main breeds of boyny pigeons following:

  1. Persians. They have excellent flight characteristics, fly up very highly, but prefer to keep alone. Pigeons Persians easily can be in flight till 10 o'clock without interruption. But their wings are weak that does not suit many owners of birds.
  2. The Krasnodar boyny pigeons differ in the amazing flight, have high popularity. Manufacturers consider that they are delivered from Iran. It surprising beauty of a bird. The Krasnodar pigeons have a short beak, a various color. It is possible to see red, gray, white-tailed and yellow birds. Pigeons of Krasnodar have excellent flight abilities, but can be in flight only within 50-60 minutes.
  3. Pigeons of the Caucasus. They can be recognized on a motley color. They are very beautiful, in contents are absolutely unpretentious, have the specific characteristics. Feeding of a pigeon is made only after morning rutting, overfeeding is inadmissible. Their flight indicators are rather high. For these qualities the Caucasian pigeons are appreciated and are in demand. Experts often cross them to other breeds.

The North Caucasus is the significant place on cultivation of boyny breeds. Exactly there the most popular are brought. The North Caucasian breeds differ in length of a beak and a pattern of plumage. Color lines are various, but yellow, red, black colors are most characteristic. These breeds were improved by hundreds of years. The North Caucasian kosmach are brought from Persia.

Kinds of Boyny Pigeons and Their Feature
Most of poultry breeders is inclined to claim that the homeland of these birds are Iran and Turkey

In Armavir the breed brevirostrate boyny is highly appreciated by kosmachy. The Tashkent pigeons delivered from Uzbekistan were improved a long time, did not bring a brevirostrate and gladkogolovy bird yet.

The North Caucasian pigeons are subdivided into 2 lines. Some have the Turkish origin, others are brought from the Iranian breeds. But there are also the unique boyny breeds which united characteristics of the Turkish, Iranian and Caucasian versions. The most popular North Caucasian breeds:

  • Krasnodar boyny;
  • the Stavropol high-flight;
  • the Maykop brevirostrate;
  • leushkovsk boyny (kind of Maykop).

In the countries of Central Asia the breed of brevirostrate boyny pigeons of Uzbekistan is most popular. They differ in smart decoration of the head and a big variety of colors which is up to 80. These individuals are the main for removal Armavir and Uzbek boyny.

Flight of boyny pigeons (video)

Preparation for competitions and exhibitions

Manufacturers have to watch the state of health of each pigeon carefully. He will show good results at exhibitions and competitions, only if it is perfectly prepared physically. The bird has to leave a dovecot in the morning and fly up. It is not necessary to return home a pigeon, he will return. Characteristic of summer includes:

  • easy flight;
  • mobility and vigor;
  • the sparkling plumage;
  • shining eyes.

Kinds of Boyny Pigeons and Their Feature

Efforts of the experienced pigeon breeder it is possible to achieve high rates at exhibitions and competitions.

Boyny birds are the best representatives of group pigeon.

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