• Jan 14, 2020

 Ordinary rosella

Ordinary rosella (Platycercus eximius)

of the Rosella


the Average long-tailed parrot with a length of body up to 30 cm and up to 120 гр. The second name of this look — motley that quite corresponds to its color. Head, breast and podkhvostya bright red. White cheeks. The lower part of a breast yellow, a paunch and feathers on shins light green. The back is dark, feathers are bordered with a greenish-yellow color. Swing feathers dark blue-light blue, nadkhvostya and tail light green. Females of usually more pale color, a cheek grayish, males larger and have more massive beak.

the Look has 4 subspecies differing in coloring elements.

Life expectancy at the correct leaving up to 15 — 20 years.


the Look is enough многочисленен. Live in southeast a part of Australia and on the island of Tasmania. Live at the height up to 1300 m above sea level. Meet on the open area and in forests. Live on coast of the rivers, and in eucalyptus thickets. Maybe stick to agrolandscapes and agricultural grounds. In New Zealand exists several populations of an ordinary rosella created from the departed pets.

Usually live small groups or in couples, eat on the earth and on trees. In quite big packs get off at the end of a reproduction season. Eat usually in the mornings in the evening, during a day heat sit under the shade of trees and have a rest.

In a diet seeds, berries, fruit, flowers, nectar. Sometimes eat small invertebrates.


the Nested season falls on July — March. The nest usually is located at the height about 30 m in a hollow with depth about 1 m. Usually ordinary rosellas choose eucalyptus trees for the nesting. In a laying usually 6 — 7 eggs, the laying is hatched only by a female. The incubatory period lasts about 20 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of weeks. After a departure from a nest of baby birds still some time parents feed up.

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