• Sep 19, 2019
Before going for a parrot, it is necessary to prepare all necessary and to be occupied by the organization of space for a parrot.

Vital space for a parrot

of the Parrot can be held in a cage or in the open-air cage. Anyway, your task — to make so that to it it was spacious and it is safe. The light mode, humidity and air temperature is also important.
 Wavy parrots in a cage
of the Parrot should lodge in the light room, however you should not dispose a cage too close to a window: the slightest draft can become fatal for the pet. You keep a fowls far away and from heating devices. Optimum air temperature for a parrot: +22 … +25 degrees. Duration of light day — at least 15 hours. In the fall and in the winter additional illumination will be required.

Is remarkable if the cage is located at the level of your eyes: in this case it is more convenient to make cleaning and to feed a bird.
will Be most comfortable a parrot to feel in a rectangular cage without excess ledges and jewelry — in them the dirt and dust complicating cleaning collects. The round cage can become the additional reason of a stress — the parrot will not manage to be slaughtered into a corner.
Is good if a cage all-metal: the parrot easily peregryzat wooden rods.
as a lock it is better for img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-07/1499681263_prostranstvo3.jpg to use a trailing lock, a spring or a carbine.

Organization of space for physical activity of a parrot

Active games and exercises are important for maintenance of health of the feathery friend and consequently, his longevity. By means of regular exercises it is possible to strengthen a muscular tone of the pet, to lighten the mood, to remove aggression or tension, to reduce risk of respiratory diseases.
 the Parrot the macaw sits on a branch in a cage
Flight is important for a bird not only as a physical training, but also as communication and stimulation of activity of nervous system. To a parrot it is vital to have an opportunity to fly at least 2 hours a day.

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