• May 20, 2018

Ostriches – some of the most surprising birds in the world with whom jokes and legends which in many respects are not untrue are connected. It is interesting to learn what weight at this representative of the bird's world who allegedly hides the head in sand for fear and runs quicker than ordinary birds fly.

Ostrich: main types, weight of a bird, the interesting facts
Ostriches – some of the most surprising birds in the world

Species of ostriches

It is a little species of ostriches, nevertheless besides all known the African ostrich exists some more, and these birds not only live in Africa. of All allocate 3 views:

  1. African is the largest and widespread look used in poultry farming. Fowl can be seen on counters of supermarkets, on taste represents something between beef and chicken meat. The African giant lives in North Africa (Malian), East Africa (Masai), Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya (Somali).
  2. Nandu's lives in South America. There are two views – northern to Nantes and its smaller fellow of darvin to Nantes.
  3. Kazuarovy ostriches are an emu and cassowaries (ordinary and a muruka) live in Northern Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. The South American and Australian representatives are about 3 times less than the African giant.
  4. Very few people know that ridiculous dlinnoklyuvy the birdie of a kiwi by the genetic nature most closer costs to ostriches though its sizes are incomparable to the sizes of other types. The kiwi meets only in New Zealand and the honor to become a country symbol deserved. Conditionally the kiwi can consider the fourth look in the ostrich's nation.

the biggest bird in the world (video)

Weight category and growth

Ostriches are the largest birds from recent. The weight of certain individuals at good food in the conditions of a poultry farm can reach 250 kg, and growth – more than 2.5 m. For comparison it is possible to cite as an example an imperial penguin – the greatest of all species of one more not flying bird. The largest individuals of an adult imperial penguin reach height of 130 cm and the weight of 50 kg, other species of penguins in the parameters can compete unless only to a kiwi.

The maximum size of the African giant in the conditions of the wild nature which was in the studied group reached 3.1 m, the maximum registered weight is 156 kg. Average characteristics it is much less – the weight of an ostrich is 60-75 kg and height of 1.5-1.7 m. Physical parameters of the African runner became the reason of his domestication and made object of poultry farming.

Ostrich: main types, weight of a bird, the interesting facts
Ostriches are the largest birds from nowadays живущих

Южноамериканские northern (ordinary) to Nantes reach height of 1.4 m and the weight of 30 kg though mentions of the representative who gained weight about 40 kg meet. Darvinov to Nantes less than northern also has the average weight of 15-20 kg. Some differences in the structure of a body and in physical parameters cause a controversy on the relation to Nantes to species of an ostrich. To Nantes are also cultivated and are objects of poultry farming, but the poultry farms parting to Nantes on the territorial arrangement are limited to an area of dwelling of a bird.

the Australian emu has growth to 1.9 m and weight up to 60 kg, a cassowary – growth up to 1.8 m and weight up to 60 kg. On average cassowaries are larger than the Australian relatives. Unlike the African giants and to Nantes, emus purposefully do not get divorced (some single exceptions are possible), but actively exterminated them in connection with the harm done to the Australian farmers – large herds literally trod pastures. Meat of the killed emus was used in food. Now the quantity of the Australian emus was sharply reduced, the bird is taken by the special law under protection.

Ostrich: main types, weight of a bird, interesting facts

the Kiwi by the sizes can be compared to a turkey . The weight of a bird fluctuates from 1.4 kg to 4 kg. The weight of claws of a bird is about 30% of actually weight. The image of a kiwi is placed on the New Zealand coins and brands and it is considered an informal emblem of the state. The nickname "kiwi" is shutochno applied in relation to New Zealanders.

Interesting facts

Many interesting facts are connected with weight characteristics of ostriches. Males of these birds it is larger and heavier than females. The brain of an ostrich weighs no more than 10 g – less, than big and beautiful eyes of a bird (one eye of an ostrich weighs 5 g). It formed the basis for numerous jokes about mental abilities long-legged. In fact these birds not cleverer and are not sillier than others, in the conditions of a poultry farm behave quietly and obediently.

Ostrich: main types, weight of a bird, interesting facts

not only bird's meat, but also eggs enjoys Popularity . The maximum weight of egg of a bird reaches 3.5 kg, average – 1.5-2 kg. As an advertizing slogan for advance of ostrich's eggs in the market farmers used – "One egg on all family". Really, one egg on weight corresponds to four tens chicken, but it is necessary to cook it more than an hour. The adult bird in the conditions of a poultry farm during the active period consumes up to 3 kg of food.

For a face birds up to 100-120 kg are grown up, an exit of meat makes up to 55% of the weight of an individual. The baby bird is born weighing about 2 kg and reaches the lethal size in a year on condition of healthy nutrition.

In the conditions of the wild nature dimensions of an ostrich allow it to be protected from most of external enemies in this connection to hide the head in sand to it there is no need. In extreme cases the bird runs away, quickly dispersing up to 80 km/h. The sizes, features of activity, adaptability to the environment make a bird interesting and as subject to observation in the habitat, and as object of poultry farming.

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