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Pigeons bakinets were brought by fans of these feathery creations from the city of Baku. So-called shirokokhvosty bakinets are considered as the main type of birds. A peculiar style of flight at which they, clapping wings, make a characteristic sound (fight) is inherent in these birds. Depending on its strength, fitness of a bird distinguish tape fight (the pigeon during horizontal movement does somersaults) and "column" (the bird rises in the vertical plane up, at the same time somersaults, publishing characteristic clicks). The Baku pigeons can keep in air till 12 o'clock that distinguishes them from other similar birds. For the first time selectors brought them in the territory of Azerbaijan in the 18th century, and they were registered officially in Iran.

Pigeons bakinets: the description of popular versions
Pigeons bakinets were brought by fans of these feathery creations from the city of Baku

Popular versions

The Baku boyny pigeons are subdivided into 3 main types, but practically all these types have ability to make long flights, and move quite highly, can leave in so-called "column" from 10 to 15 m high, do up to 7 somersaults, etc. There are following kinds of these birds:

  1. Marble bakinets, which have evenly distributed impregnations of color feathers on the main tone of a trunk. It is possible to recognize by the saturation of a color how many to a bird of years as with each molt color saturation increases. Pigeons marble, as well as all bakinets, well fly, can find the house, having overcome up to 200 and more kilometers.
  2. Chernokhvosty pigeons differ from other Baku breeds only in existence of black plumage on a tail. This breed of birds has several versions, for example, there are birds of these subspecies with red plumage on a tail. Chernokhvostye is better than other species of pigeons carry out so-called "column" as can rise in the vertical plane by height up to 15 m, making at the same time somersaults. At chernokhvosty pigeons the fan can develop this type of fight quickly enough as birds easily study such tricks. At the same time it is not necessary to worry about flight characteristics feathery as they magnificent at all pigeons of this breed.
  3. Shirokokhvosty pigeons of Baku are considered as the main type of these birds. Birds can have an ashy color, dairy or light. These are the main flight pigeons as these subspecies can be airborne long time, moving at the same time to long distances.
  4. Pigeons of Chile are painted in black or red color, and the head of them has motley plumage. In the same tones at these birds brushes on paws are sustained. These flight pigeons have a wide thorax, the extended case, plumage standing. Chile can quickly rise, hang, doing somersaults. Flight pigeons of these subspecies have attractive appearance and beautiful flight.
  5. One more species of pigeons of Baku are necks. they on a neck from a back have an impregnation of dark plumage. Usually the bird has a monophonic, white or opaque color. The distinctive sign on a neck happens black, red or gray color.

How to grow up the Baku pigeons (video)

Racial signs of birds of this look

Pigeons of Azerbaijan have quite strong constitution. The sizes at birds averages. The head according to the standard has to be oblong with a roundish forehead. It can be smooth or with a forelock. The cinciput has the form of a flat rectangle.

A beak at such pigeon white. Usually it thin and direct though on the end it is a little bent. The neck at birds has an easy bend, and the back is expanded in shoulders. It is long, falls down towards a tail a little. The case at birds of this class quite long. Wings are pressed to a body, meet at a tail which has from 12 to 16 steering feathers, and the ends of wings directly lie on it. Standing this look can have dense, but short feathers, or paws will be completely bared.

Fingers of a red shade with white claws. Plumage has a violet outflow on a breast and a neck. These birds can have purely white coloring or changes up to bronze color. Often completely red, yellow, gray, speckled birds meet.

Pigeons bakinets: description of popular versions

There can be birds with a color tail, for example, already described chernokhvosty individuals. There are views with a spot on a neck. Fans of Yekaterinburg part so-called Sverdlovsk option which has a skewbald coloring.

Very beautifully feathery creation of bronze color as feathers at it are similar on a coloring to brass looks and have red and black impregnations.

In Azerbaijan to a color of birds the attention is practically not paid as the flight duration, its height, fight are considered as the main criteria. On summer white individuals are allocated, and fight in the vertical plane is characteristic of birds with black tails.

There are options of this breed with forelocks, without them and also the breed with "eyebrows" is removed.

Pigeons of this type have quite strong immunity, are unpretentious. They well give in to training, quickly adapt in pack on the new place. Birds perfectly sit on a laying, carefully bring up the appeared baby birds. At these birds high endurance that allows them to keep long in air.

Pigeons bakinets: description of popular versions

Some features of birds

At cultivation of the described birds it is necessary to consider that they are strongly tied to the nest, the partner, the house where they for the first time were born. If the baby bird became on a wing and took off from the nest, then he can be the whole day far from the house, but for the night will surely return.

If the owner accurately did not allocate to couple of bakinets of the place for гнездовья, then birds will twist the dwelling in any pleasant to them the place. At the same time they use any improvised materials. When pigeon laid eggs and sits on them, it is almost impossible to transfer a nest to other place.

It is necessary to consider that the female of bakinets can put eggs almost whole year. Even fading, it often artificially delays process of loss of feathers, and then takes down egg. It is necessary to clean a nest in time, to strenuously feed pigeons, then the issue will have good health.

Pigeons bakinets: description of popular versions

In the winter females should mix vitamins with the main food. It brings the strongest baby birds in December-January.

At a training birds should add loading gradually. The young pigeon makes the first progress during the game, for example, sits down on a tail, previously clapping wings, and then again passes in years. Then it begins to carry out somersaults. The owner should not interrupt it and, whenever possible, it is not necessary to allow it to stop a training independently. Gradually time of fight will increase. The shortest term of training of a pigeon – about 15 days, but everything depends on a genealogical bird. Most often trainings continue within a year.

It is recommended to monitor (whenever possible) flight of the pet , especially in the period with the end of summer to spring of the next year as during this period pigeons are attacked by hawks. The trained pet can easily leave from a predator, having applied "column" with clicks, somersaults and horizontal fight. Usually in a year in claws of birds of prey from 30 to 40 bakinets perish. Therefore fans should fill up the dovecots nearly an every year.

the Interesting facts about pigeons (video)


It is not necessary to be afraid for pets at their flights during strong wind as bakinets well cope with it. It is better not to check qualities of a bird in mountain areas as they experience oxygen starvation at the height of 1500-1800 m. Pigeons can be in such conditions no more than 2 hours.

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