• Sep 19, 2019
If cold at a parrot not to distinguish and not to treat in time, it can pass into pneumonia.

pneumonia Symptoms at a parrot

  • the Tousled feathers.
  • Hoarse breath.
  • Temperature increase.
  • Plentiful mucous allocations from a nose.
  • Inability to keep on a pole.
  • Changes of a dung.

Pneumonia at a parrot: what to do?

  1. Immediately address the veterinarian! He will appoint necessary antibiotics.
  2. Before arrival of the veterinarian transplant a popugaychik in a separate cage.
  3. Temperature indoors where there is a parrot, has to be at least 30 degrees. It is possible to warm a bird by means of a lamp. The cage from three parties is curtained a towel, and direct the 60 watts lamp located at distance of 20 cm to the open party
  4. Offer a parrot of warm water. Add camomile broth to a drinking bowl, at the same time water changes at least time at 12 o'clock as such solution quickly turns sour. It is also possible to add to water vitamin (ampoule) or several drops of lemon juice, water in that case changes daily.
  5. If the bird is not able to drink independently, pour in a little tea in a beak.

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