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-point cockatoo (Cacatua ophthalmica)




of the Cockatoo


of the Cockatoo

 the-point cockatoo scare a photo

On a photo:-point cockatoo. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance and description of a-point cockatoo

The-point cockatoo is a korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body about 50 cm and up to 570 g. Both floors are painted equally. The main color of a body of a-point cockatoo white, around ears, a podkhvostya and area under wings yellowish. The cop is quite long, yellow-orange. The Okologlaznichny ring quite thick is also deprived of feathers, bright blue. The beak is powerful black-gray. Gray paws.

How to distinguish males and females of a-point cockatoo? Males of a-point cockatoo have a brown-black iris, females оранжево-коричневую.
Продолжительность lives of a-point cockatoo at due leaving are made by about 40 — 50 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a-point cockatoo

The number of wild population of a-point cockatoo totals about 10,000 individuals. The look lives in New Britain and east part to Popua-New Guinea.
the Look suffers from loss of natural habitats. It is most tied to the low woods, heights to 950 meters above sea level keep.
In a diet of a-point cockatoo seeds of plants, nuts, berries, fruit, in particular figs. Eat insects.

Usually-point cockatoos keep in couples or small packs. Are most active early and late hours.

 the-point cockatoo eats photo nut

On a photo:-point cockatoo. Photo: wikipedia.org

Reproduction of a-point cockatoo

-Point cockatoos nest in hollows and cavities of trees at the height up to 30 meters.

In a laying of a-point cockatoo usually 2 — 3 eggs. Both parents within 28 — 30 days hatch.

At the age of about 12 weeks baby birds of a-point cockatoo leave a nest, but some more weeks keep near parents, and those feed up them.

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