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of Poisoning at parrots are dangerous, including, the fact that they at an initial stage are almost imperceptible. However if not to take any actions, the parrot can die. Therefore attentively watch behavior and a condition of the pet.

the First symptoms of poisoning at a parrot

  • the Parrot ruffled up, does not eat, almost does not pay attention to the events. It is an occasion to prick up the ears.
  • Then the diarrhea and vomiting develop.
  • the Parrot weakens, ceases to move.
  • If intoxication strong, you notice spasms, temperature increase and paralysis.
All this
can end with death. Therefore it is worth addressing at the first signs of an indisposition the veterinarian.

How to avoid poisoning of a parrot

  1. Carefully examine a forage, it is better – by means of a magnifying glass. If the kernel or nut are struck with dark stains – possibly, it is mold a fungus.
  2. indoors with parrots it is impossible to smoke and spray aerosols (deodorants, insecticides, air fresheners, antistatics, etc.), to apply paints, varnish, solvents – it can also become the poisoning reason.
  3. If the parrot has an opportunity to fly about the room, watch that he did not eat a poison for rodents or cockroaches.
  4. the Overdose of vitamins, especially oil, can also cause poisoning therefore be careful at their addition in food.

Poisoning of a parrot with nitrites and nitrates

It arises if the pet "regaled" on toxic chemicals or ate a forage with the high content of nitrates.


  • Excessive excitement.
  • Decrease in body temperature.
  • Short wind.
  • Reddening of a mucous membrane of a mouth, conjunctiva and earrings.
  • Spasms.
  • Salivation.
  • Suffocation.
needs to dissolve with water lactic acid and to give to a bird three times a day.

Poisoning of a parrot with table salt

Usual table salt can conceal in itself danger of death to the feathery friend therefore you watch that it did not reach it.

Signs (are shown usually in 1 — 2 hour)

  • Depression.
  • Thirst.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Spasms.
  • Paresis, paralyzes of extremities.
Treatment: 10 percent solution of glucose.

Poisoning with poisonous plants or seeds

For birds are poisonous the following plants:
  • чернокорень medicinal
  • tsikut
  • euphorbia marsh
  • celandine big
  • buttercup caustic
  • Lobel's cheremitsa
  • dope ordinary
  • the lumbago opened
  • lily of the valley.
At any poisoning needs to see the veterinarian urgently!
First aid — strong sorbents (for example, enteros-gel).
Potassium permanganate cannot be given to birds categorically! It can cause a gullet burn.

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