• Sep 19, 2019
is quite simple to Breed parrots in house conditions if to follow a number of rules.

Preparation for cultivation of parrots in house conditions includes a number of actions.

Choose a spacious cage in which not only the married couple, but their 6 — 8 offsprings will be located. It is better if the cage rectangular and is extended not in height, and in length. Surely provide several doors that it was convenient to hang up a nested box.

At selection of couple that popugaychik reach puberty by 4 months, however the bird till 1 year should not participate in cultivation. Optimum age — 2 — 8 years. Remarkably, if you have an opportunity to provide to pets the choice, and they will solve who approaches as the partner better. Parrots are quite faithful husbands and if united, try not to be separated and are capable to distinguish "soulmate" from other birds. Courting process quite touching.
the Best period for nesting — summer and an early autumn. Light day still long, quite warmly and is a lot of vitamin forage. If light day is shorter than 14 — 16 hours, it is necessary to use electric lighting. Air temperature has to stick within +18 … to +24 degrees.
is better if the nested lodge wooden — it is more comfortable and more natural to parrots. The cover of a lodge should be opened periodically to watch a condition of pets. Happen horizontal and vertical гнездовья. Diameter of a manhole depends on the size of a bird, for wavy popugaychik it is, as a rule, 5 cm. Under a manhole outside fix a pole — so it will be more convenient to male to feed a female. Sawdust has to cover a bottom of a nested lodge.
So, a male started courtings, and the female reciprocates to it. Gradually "lady" begins to fly in a nest, to equip it by means of blades or branches.
However, sometimes efforts of a male vanish for nothing and the female does not admit him. Means, couple did not find a common language and it is worth finding other partner.
If everything goes well, the male starts mating dance. Several times a day there is a pairing (the female squats, and a male, having climbed up her a back, impregnates). Process lasts several seconds.

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