• Sep 19, 2019
you, at last, decided that you want to get as the pet of a parrot. It has to be the considered decision, any animal is not a toy. It is heavy responsibility, incorrect actions or just inaction can lead to serious irreparable consequences.
Would be desirable that people realized that some birds live long enough and daily leaving is necessary for them. Before purchase it is necessary to read literature on character or specifics of some types, you are coming for many years together.
For example, wavy parrots the most widespread among all, contained houses. They are live, mobile, interesting, are rather unpretentious in leaving, live also long enough. However at the maintenance of big pack can be rather noisy, from them there will be a lot of garbage, appearance of an allergy in the owner is possible.
 wavy parrots on a pole If as the pet you choose by

someone from average parrots then options weight. Korella are more phlegmatic, but usually not so shumna badly study imitation of the speech. American types ( of a pirrura, monks, arating , etc.) and also ozherelovy parrots very much shumna. They can spoil easily furniture, wall-paper and other.

 a red-breasted parakeet in a cage However they are very interesting to

by the behavior, are bright and playful.

From the experience I will tell a case — played a pirrur a plastic ball, lying on a back. And the monk, flying in the room, in flight took a plastic swing in a beak, grasped with paws a perch on them and so in a swing and flew about the room.

To observe such amusing things very informatively. When keeping such birds it is necessary to stock up with decent quantity of toys, it is better to make the stand for carrying out time out of a cage.

 a pirrura scare on a branch

From available in the market also should remember dear African friends of nerazluchnik. Despite the small size, birds are rather loud, are sometimes aggressive and to each other, and to the owner. However they very bright, same unpretentious, as well as wavy parrots. Rather not bad breed in bondage and long live. They also have rather wide field for selectors.

Rosellas, for example, more gentle beings. Also have weak ability to reproduction of the speech, however they possess bright plumage and they are rather silent.

of Kakariki are rather interesting to img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-08/1502198178_rozella.jpg by img-responsive in the behavior, they are not similar to other parrots. Are on the earth much, digging out a laying in search of tasty (protect flowerpots). They eat from a pad, are capable to domestication and are silent. However it is necessary to include more berries in their diet, fruit, etc. A dung their more liquid that needs to be considered when cleaning.

I advise large parrots to buy to already well prepared people. As they will take away from you a lot of time. They have a high intelligence demanding participation of the owner. They cannot just be caged and observed. They are shumna, require a lot of attention and well balanced diet.

 a parrot жако in a cage

there Live large parrots longer than averages. At a lack of leaving, birds can begin to be ill or pluck themselves. Zhako and cockatoos very badly transfer separation from the owner. Ares have no good ability to reproduction of the speech, however like to play also them, also as well as a cockatoo, it is possible to train in various tricks. Zhako beautiful and capable "chatterers", will be excellent partners.

All this needs to be considered upon purchase of the feathery friend in order that your joint life was comfortable and pleasant.

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