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Patagonian parrots


Rocky parrot


the Patagonian, or rocky parrot has length of a body of 45 cm. Tail length — 24 cm

Feathers of a trunk are painted, generally in olive-brown color with a brownish shade, and the head and wings have a greenish shade. The yellow paunch decorates a red spot. Throat and breast grayish-brown.

At a male the head and a beak larger, and a paunch is painted in more rich red-orange color.

Live rocky parrots up to 30 years.


the Patagonian parrots live in the southern part of Uruguay, in Argentina and Chile.

They prefer to
solitudes (rocks with the adjacent woods and grassy Pampas).

Food for them serve seeds of wild and cultural plants, buds of trees, greens, berries and fruit. With approach of winter migrate on the North where more warmly and more forage.

rocky parrots construct
of the Nest in niches of rocks or hollows of trees. Often they dig a hole by means of a powerful beak, and length of a hole can reach 1 meter! At the end of a hole there is an expansion — the nested camera.

the Laying, as a rule, contains 2 — 4 white eggs.

nasizhivaniye Term — 25 days.

at the age of 55 — 60 days younger generation leaves a nest. -


Character and temperament

of the Patagonian parrot characterizes trustfulness and affection to the owner. But if you bought the pet in hope to have the amazing chatterer, you, most likely, waits for disappointment. These birds can learn some words. But they playful, cheerful and perfectly give in to training.

Maintenance and leaving

of the Rocky parrot needs to be contained in the room at least 3 — 4 meters long. It has to be all-metal. The grid is not wattled, but welded as if the Patagonian parrot finds poorly fixed site of a grid, then will easily unscrew it and will get out to will.

If a parrot contains indoors, deliver it a piece of a dernina in separate ware. And periodically it is necessary to humidify it as the dried backs do not interest a bird.

of the Drinking bowl and feeding trough are daily cleaned. Toys and poles wash if necessary.

Disinfection and washing of a cage is carried out once a week, the open-air cage — once a month.

Every day you clean a cage bottom, twice a week — half of the open-air cage.


of the Patagonian parrots feed with different types of grain (and a part them is given in the sprouted look), seeds of weeds, vegetables, fruit, greens, nuts. Sometimes give boiled rice or an egg forage.

If you choose by
mineral fertilizing, consider that rocky parrots prefer very large pieces.

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