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Ruddy-headed aratinga (Aratinga erythrogenys)






of Aratingi

 Ruddy-headed aratinga of a photo

On a photo: ruddy-headed aratinga. Photo: google.ru

Appearance of a ruddy-headed aratinga

The ruddy-headed aratinga is an average parrot with a length of body about 33 cm and up to 200 гр. The parrot has a long tail, a powerful beak and paws. Main coloring of plumage of a ruddy-headed aratinga grassy-green. Head (forehead, cinciput) usually red. On wings also red impregnations (around a shoulder). Podkhvostye yellowish. Okologlaznichny ring naked and white. The iris is yellow, a beak of corporal color. Gray paws. Males and females of a ruddy-headed aratinga are painted equally.
Life expectancy of a ruddy-headed aratinga at the correct leaving from 10 to 25 years.

the Area of dwelling of a ruddy-headed aratinga and life in bondage

Ruddy-headed arating live in a southwest part of Ecuador and a northeast part of Peru. Wild population totals about 10.000 individuals. Live at the height about 2500 meters above sea level. Prefer damp evergreen forests, the deciduous woods, open areas with separate trees.
Eat ruddy-headed arating flowers and fruit.
of the Bird very much sotsialna are also sociable among themselves, especially out of the reproduction period. Can gather in packs up to 200 individuals. Sometimes meet other species of parrots.

 Ruddy-headed aratinga of a photo

On a photo: ruddy-headed aratinga. Photo: google.ru

Reproduction of a ruddy-headed aratinga

The season of reproduction of a ruddy-headed aratinga falls on January – March. The female lays 3 – 4 eggs in a nest. Also hatches them about 24 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of about 7 - 8 weeks and about a month more are fed up by parents to their full independence.

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