• Sep 19, 2019

Self-deplumation and eating of feathers at parrots are anomaly of behavior which is proved in a klevaniye, plucking out of feathers and is frequent — in their eating.

parrots can have different
of the Reason of self-deplumation and eating of feathers. For example, too high or low temperature, excess or insufficient illumination or humidity of air, rare bathings, improper feeding, loneliness, stress, etc. As other group of the reasons parasites, fungi and viruses act. If you cannot reveal and eliminate them independently, consult with the expert.

Some owners put on the pet "collar" from plastic or cardboard which does not allow a bird to pinch itself(himself). Sometimes "collar" remains months on a popugaychik. However you remember that he also prevents to eat normally. Therefore if you resorted to a similar way, hang up a feeding trough and a drinking bowl most close to a pole.

When completely will grow feathers, "collar" can be taken off.

However anyway this method does not remove the cause of self-deplumation and eating of feathers at parrots. To reveal and eliminate it — your task. Otherwise the popugaychik will start over again plucking itself.

At parasitic defeats veterinary diagnostics and appointments will be required."

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