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Sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot (Pionus menstruus)







 Couple of sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots of a photo

On a photo: sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot. Photo: google.by

Appearance of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot

The Sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot is with a redny korotkokhvosty parrot with an average length of body about 28 cm and up to 295 гр. Individuals of both sexes are painted equally. Main color of a body of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot green. Wings are grassy-green, a belly olive-green. Head and breast of a bright blue color. On a neck there are several red feathers. In an ear a gray-blue spot. Podkhvostye red-brown. Bordering of swing and tail feathers blue. Okologlaznichny ring naked, gray color. Dark brown eyes. Beak basis reddish, main color of a beak black. Gray paws.
Is known 3 subspecies differing in elements of coloring and an area of dwelling.
Life expectancy of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot at the correct leaving – 30 – 45 years.

the Area of dwelling of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot and life in the nature

The look lives in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and also in Costa Rica and on sharp Trinidad. In some regions of east Brazil this look very strongly suffered because of deforestation and illegal trade. Within 20 years the look will lose 20% of the areas of the area of dwelling because of deforestation in Amazonia. In this regard reduction of population of this look more than for 23% during 3 generations is expected.
Live at the height about 1100 meters above sea level in low-lying tropical forests, including the rain deciduous woods and savannas. Also meet in subtropics, the open woods, the cultivated lands, plantations.
In a diet of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot different types of seeds, fruit and flowers. On plantations prefer corn. Usually eat highly on trees. Out of the period of reproduction there is enough shumna and a sotsialna.

Reproduction of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot

The nested period of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot in Panama falls on February-April, February-March in Colombia and on Trinidad, February-May in Ecuador. Nest in cavities of trees, often occupy old nests of other types. Usually in a laying 3 — 4 eggs. The female hatches a laying within 26 days.

Baby birds leave a nest at the age of about 10 weeks. Young individuals stick to the parents still some time.

 Sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot of a photo

On a photo: sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot. Photo: flickr.com

Maintenance and care of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot

Unfortunately, this look cannot so often be found in sale. However, these parrots quite effectively look. Remember that such birds live long enough. It is only possible to carry to minuses that this look not the best simulator of the speech therefore you should not expect from it too much.

Sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots very quickly become attached to the person, however not really love tactile contact. However, in couple they are quite gentle with each other.

These parrots not the most active of all popugayany world, not really they love active games with the person.

Plumage of these parrots has quite specific musky smell which can it will be pleasant to not all owners.

It is possible to carry to pluses that these parrots quite quietly behave.

Unfortunately, health of these birds quite weak. In the absence of physical activities they tend to obesity. Besides, sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots are inclined to a disease of aspergillomycosis and the shortage of vitamin A that at once affects appearance of plumage. Unlike the majority of large parrots, these do not require so much attention from the person, however, as well as other types they need physical activities.

The spacious strong cage will be suitable for keeping of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot, and the open-air cage is better. In a cage poles with bark of the corresponding diameter at the different levels, feeding troughs, drinking bowls, a kupalka have to be established. Besides, the parrot will be glad to a small amount of toys, ladders or a swing.

For entertainment of a parrot out of a cage place the stand where the bird will be able to entertain herself toys, furazhilka, etc.

Feeding of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot

At the heart of a diet of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot there has to be a grain mix for average parrots as a part of which there have to be different types of a millet, a canary seed, a buckwheat, oats, a carthamus, a small amount of hemp.

Fruit: apple, pear, orange, banana, pomegranate, kiwi, fruits of a cactus and others. All this has to make about 30% of a diet.

Vegetables: carrots, celery, siliculose haricot and peas, corn.

From greens offer different types of salads, a mangold, a dandelion and other resolved plants. Surely include in a diet germinated and steamed cereals, sunflower seeds, bean.

The special granulated forage will be suitable for sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots also. However, it is worth accustoming to it gradually.

At a cage there have to be sources of mineral substances (chalk, mineral mix, clay, sepia, a mineral stone). Offer the pet a branch forage.

Cultivation of sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots

Cultivation of sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrots requires the spacious open-air cage. Birds have to them be unfortunately not peculiar raznopola sexual dimorphism, the DNA test can help with sex determination. Couple should not be related each other, birds have to be in good standard, are moderately well-fed.

Before suspension of a lodge of birds it is necessary to feed variously, at a diet there have to be forages of animal origin. It is possible to use special vitamin supplements.

Increase light day till 14 o'clock.

The nested lodge has to be with the minimum sizes of 30х30х45 cm and a letok about 10 cm. Often lodges do by depth to meter, however inside it is necessary to establish an additional pole or to do a special ledge that birds could leave a nest with ease. On a lodge bottom usually fill a handful of shaving or sawdust.

During cultivation males can be rather aggressive-minded, sometimes pursue and try to bite a female. You watch that such relations did not end with injuries.

After appearance of baby birds the quantity of a forage should be increased in proportion. After an exit from a nest baby birds of a sinegolovy krasnoguzy parrot some more weeks are finished feeding by parents to their full independence.

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