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of Sinelobaya of an arating (Aratinga acuticaudata)






of Aratingi

 Sinelobaya of an arating of a photo

On a photo: sineloby aratinga. photo Source: https://yandex.ru/collections

Appearance of a sineloby aratinga

of Sinelobaya of an arating is a long-tailed average parrot with a length of body about 37 cm and up to 165 гр. 5 subspecies which differ in elements of coloring and an area of dwelling are known. Both floors sineloby an arating are painted equally. The main color of a body are green different shades. The head to a nape bluish, inside covered also a tail red. The beak is powerful light, it is red - pink, a tip and a podklyuvya dark. Paws are pinkish, powerful. There is a naked okologlaznichny ring of a light color. Orange eyes.
Life expectancy of a sineloby aratinga at the correct leaving – about 30 - 40 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a sineloby aratinga

The look lives in Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, in the east of Colombia and Bolivia, in the north of Argentina. Sineloby arating live in dry deciduous forests. Can meet in semidesertic areas. Usually keep at the height about 2600 meters above sea level.
Eat sineloby arating various seeds, berries, fruit, fruits of a cactus, mango, visit agricultural crops. At a diet there are also larvae of insects.
Are fed on trees and on the earth, usually meet in small groups or couples. Often unite with other aratinga in packs.

 Sineloby arating of a photo

On a photo: sineloby arating. photo Source: https://www.flickr.com

Reproduction of a sineloby aratinga

The nested season of a sineloby aratinga in Argentina and Paraguay falls on December, in Venezuela for May — June. Nest in deep hollows. In a laying usually 3 eggs. Nasizhivaniye lasts 23 — 24 days. Baby birds of a sineloby aratinga leave a nest at the age of 7 — 8 weeks. Usually baby birds remain with parents for some time to full independence, and then form packs of young individuals.

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