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Sineloby Amazon (Amazona aestiva)







 Sineloby Amazon scare a photo

On a photo: sineloby Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Description of sineloby Amazon

Sineloby Amazon is a korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body about 37 cm and an average up to 500 гр. Both floors are painted equally. The main color of a body of sineloby Amazon green, large feathers have a dark fringing. A cinciput, area around eyes and a throat yellow. At a forehead there is a blue color. Females usually on the head have less yellow color. Red-orange shoulder. The beak is powerful black-gray. Okologlaznichny ring gray-white, eyes orange. Paws gray and powerful.
Is known 2 subspecies of sineloby Amazon which differ from each other in elements of a color and an area of dwelling.
Life expectancy of sineloby Amazon at the correct contents — 50-60 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of sineloby Amazon

Sineloby Amazon lives in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The small introduced population lives in Stuttgart (Germany).

The look is often destroyed because of a loss to agriculture, caught from the nature for sale, besides the native habitat because of what the look is subject to disappearance is destroyed. Since 1981 in international trade there were about 500.000 individuals. Sineloby Amazon lives at the height about 1600 m above sea level in forests (however avoids the damp woods), woody sites, savannas, palm groves.
Eat sineloby amazona various seeds, fruits, flowers.
Often this look can be met near human housing. Usually live in small packs, sometimes in couples.

 Sineloby Amazon the parrot sits on the earth of a photo

On a photo: sineloby Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Reproduction of sineloby amazon

The nested season of sineloby amazon falls on October – March. Nest in hollows and cavities of trees, sometimes use termitaries for nesting.

In a laying of sineloby Amazon 3 – 4 eggs. The female within 28 days hatches.

Baby birds of sineloby Amazon leave a nest at the age of 8 – 9 weeks. Some more months parents feed up young individuals.

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