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Lebed-shipun treats family of duck – group guseobrazny. This beautiful snow-white bird was initially widespread in the north of Eurasia. Over time people helped to get accustomed to swans in America, Australia and Africa.

Snow-white Handsome Swan-shipun, His Features
the Swan шипун treats family duck – to гусеобразных

Характеристика group of a bird

Very often swans are confused with geese. Birds are really externally similar and even are close relatives. And still it is necessary to understand that it is 2 different look. The swan received the name because he reacts to approach of people and birds hissing. By the way, also the goose шипун arrives that once again proves relationship of these two natatorial. In England the swan is called by "mute swan" (a silent swan). It is considered that he is only capable to hiss, however it not so. The bird can make the sounds similar to snorting, grunting and whistle.

Snow-white Handsome Swan-shipun, His Features
the swan received the name because it reacts to approach of people and birds шипением

"Business card" of swans the beautiful long neck is. Length of a body can reach 180 cm, and wingspan – 240 cm. At the same time it is much less female in sizes, than males. The beak is usually painted in orange color with the black basis. During the marriage period this black outgrowth bulks up and becomes more noticeable. Lebedi-shipuny possess snow-white plumage. The truth feathers gain white color only after 3 years. And here at young individuals feathers are painted in gray color and the same color a beak.

It is possible to call snow-white handsome without exaggeration the heaviest flying bird. The weight of males leaves about 14 kg. And here the weight of females only – 5-6 kg. In Poland the biggest representative of family of duck was grown up. Its weight was 25 kg. One more unique ability of a shipun – it is loud to clap wings. The sound of wings in flight can be heard at distance to 1 km.

Feathery in the nature

As well as кликун, the swan loves overgrown reservoirs, occasionally swamps. It is possible to distinguish a shipun from any other representative of family duck on a signature bend of a neck in the form of Latin letter S and to a little raised wings.

Generally swans lead a settled life. But during the cold period can gather packs and depart on coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. It is interesting that these birds do not take off for bad weather, and wait it. They lay down on the earth, hide pads and a beak and wait for weather conditions, suitable for flight.

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Food, posterity and protection

The diet of a shipun consists of small water plants and Crustacea. He can eat mollusks, water burros, crustaceans, worms and even some cereals when he comes out of the water. Swans are often fed with bakery products, however it is wrong. The matter is that the bird badly digests flour products . It can lead to serious diseases and even death.

All know that swans are monogamous birds. They find to themselves couple once and for the rest of life. The truth and from this rule is exceptions. So, scientists note that if one of partners perishes, the second can find to itself(himself) other male / female. Average life expectancy of a shipun makes 25-28 years. In the conditions of bondage it can reach 30 years.

Snow-white Handsome Swan-shipun, His Features

The marriage ritual of these birds is interesting. The male swims around the darling with the raised wings and shakes them here and there. If the female accepts his courtings, then she begins to repeat its movements. Usually marriage period comes on reaching a swan of 3-4 years. Couple chooses to itself the place for nesting and then carefully protects it from invasions.

Process of disembarkation of eggs begins in March. During this period the male protects a female and becomes the most aggressive. He is even capable to kill a fox if that decides to attack. On average the laying contains from 5 to 8 eggs. Young females are capable to take out only 1 egg. Process of incubation takes about a month. Baby birds of a swan are born with up to 220 g, but quickly grow. Parents look after posterity 5 months then baby birds become independent. The truth sometimes they are able to afford to drive on mother.

Interesting data

Till 1960 on swans-shipunov hunting was popular that practically led to their destruction. Only the total ban of hunting led to the fact that birds restored the population. But also now they demand careful attitude. During a vysidka of eggs on reservoirs there has to be a silence, otherwise baby birds can not hatch. Unfortunately, it is not always observed. For this reason, despite the stable number of swans, in many countries they are included in the Red List.

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