• Jan 14, 2020

Solar aratinga (Aratinga solstitialis)






of Aratingi

 Parrot solar aratinga of a photo

On a photo: solar aratinga. Photo: google.by

Appearance of a solar aratinga

The solar aratinga – is a long-tailed average parrot with a length of body about 30 cm and up to 130 g. Head, breast and belly orange-yellow. Nape and top area of wings bright yellow. Swing feathers in wings and a tail grassy-green. The beak is powerful gray-black. Okologlaznichny ring gray (white) and naked. Gray paws. Dark brown eyes. Both floors of a solar aratinga are painted equally.
Life expectancy of a solar aratinga at due leaving – about 30 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a solar aratinga

World population of a solar aratinga in the wild nature makes up to 4000 individuals. The look meets in a northeast part of Brazil, Guyana and a southeast part of Venezuela.
the Look lives at the height up to 1200 m over we will drop the seas. Meets in dry savannas, palm groves and also in the flooded parts on coast of Amazon.
In a diet of a solar aratinga are fruit, seeds, flowers, nuts, fruits of cactuses. At a diet there are also insects. Eat equally mature and unripe seeds and fruits. Sometimes visit agricultural grounds, damaging cultural crops.
Usually them can be met in packs up to 30 individuals. Birds very much of a sotsialna and seldom leave pack. One by one they usually sit down on a high tree and loudly shout. During feeding the pack usually behaves quietly. However during flight of a bird make quite loud sounds. Solar arating quite not bad fly therefore are capable to overcome rather long distances within one day.

Reproduction of a solar aratinga

Already young birds at the age of 4 – 5 months form monogamous couples and stick to the partner. Solar arating I reach puberty at the age of about 2 years. During courtings they constantly feed and touch each other feathers. The nested period falls on February. Birds nest in cavities and hollows of trees. In a laying usually 3 — 4 eggs. The female hatches them 23 – 27 days. Baby birds are brought up by both parents. Baby birds of a solar aratinga reach full independence at the age of 9 – 10 weeks.

 Parrots solar aratinga of a photo

On a photo: solar aratinga. Photo: google.by

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