• Jan 14, 2020

Soldier's macaw (Ara militaris)







 the Soldier's macaw sits on a photo branch

On a photo: soldier's macaw. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance and description of soldier's macaw

The soldier's macaw — a large long-tailed parrot with a length of body about 75 cm and weighing about 900 g

Both floors are painted equally, at males of soldier's macaw often the neck behind has a bluish shade. The main coloring of a body green, with a yellowish shade. Around eyes there is a reddish big neoperenny zone. On it there are grooves from separate small plumelets. The forehead is covered with red feathers. On a back, area under wings and under a tail yellowish. Steering, swing and tail feathers blue. Tail from above and area подклювья brownish. Yellow iris. Beak big, powerful, gray-black color. Gray paws.
Is known 3 subspecies of soldier's macaw which differ in the size, elements of coloring and an area of dwelling.
Life expectancy of soldier's macaw at due leaving makes about 50 — 60 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of soldier's macaw

A look the soldier's macaw lives in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. World population totals from 3 to 10 thousand individuals. The look suffers from poaching and loss of places of natural dwelling. Gold mining in Mexico also influences the number of birds.
Live soldier's macaws in foothill areas in the woody area with valleys at the height from 500 to 2000 meters above sea level. Mesksika lives near the small foothills in dry forests, sometimes in low-lying damp and coastal forests. In the Colombian Andes prefer the damp woods. In Venezuela tropical forests at the height up to 600 meters above sea level.
In a diet of soldier's macaw seeds, various nuts and fruit.
Usually keep in couples or small packs up to 10 individuals. Young birds get off in big packs.

 Soldier's macaws fly against the background of the sky of a photo

On a photo: soldier's macaws. Photo: flickr.com

Reproduction of soldier's macaw

The nested season of soldier's macaw falls on June in Mexico. At other subspecies nesting takes place in other months (from January to March).

Birds are monogamous and choose the partner for long years. In big packs of a bird stick to the couple.

Usually soldier's macaws nest in hollows of trees at decent height. In a laying of soldier's macaw usually 1 — 2 eggs which are hatched by a female within 26 days.

Baby birds of soldier's macaw leave a nest at the age of 13 weeks, but still some time keep near parents, and those feed up them.

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