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the Ordinary bird for house contents became parrots long ago. However, you should not forget that there is a huge number of bird species which please with the bright appearance and melodious songs. Very few people notice that ours, "family", representatives of bird's fauna can become beautiful house feathery pets. And if in your house lodged real Belarusian экзот, then, first of all, it is an indicator that the person who is looking after him is an uncommon and responsible personality.

What songbird to choose?

As you think what birds can be seen or heard every day behind your window? Most often it is vorobyinoobrazny birds. Let's consider several representatives of this group, unpretentious and suitable for contents in house conditions. Most often support in cages siskins, bullfinches, tap dances, bramblings, an ovsyanok, goldfinches and greenfinches. These are not all bird species which it is possible to tame.

Before to bring such pet, it is necessary to study a lot of literature and to acquire that these birds require to themselves special attention. It is impossible to catch just like that a bird from the nature and to cage. Most likely, she will just die. It is necessary to work intelligently and patience. On sale at private amateur fowlers it is seldom possible to meet wild songbirds, but if nevertheless carries, it is necessary to pay attention to zernoyadny birds as to support insectivorous birds rather difficult because of their food allowance.

the First bird who can be recommended for the contents to the beginning zoofan — a siskin . Having got acquainted with it once, you forever keep attachment to this remarkable bird. Despite the modest appearance, the siskin at the first acquaintance bribes the grace and vivacity. And at more long acquaintance the siskin strikes with the trustfulness and good nature. He in few days ceases to shun people, gets used to take off from a cage and comes back.
the Siskin
From all house it usually allocates to img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-09/1506342253_chizh.jpg with the one who looks after him. And to this person it will turn all "requests" for delicacy or bathing, lifting plumelets on the head, jumping on a pole as it is possible closer to the person. And having grown roots in the house, siskins do not feel aspiration to freedom at all and can live up to 10 — 12 years.
Domestication of a siskin lies through love to delicacies. Some prefer sunflower seeds, others hemp, the third pine nuts. The song of a siskin — quiet melodious chatter that favourably it distinguishes, for example, from parrots with their sharp and loud voice. In an environment of other singers the siskin enriches the song with the borrowed knees. The caught siskin male begins to sing in a cage within the first or second week and diligently sings all year, excepting the molt periods. Females of siskins usually do not sing, however also singing meet.
 Goldfinch of a photo Goldfinch
Krom of siskins is rather simple in contents black-headed a goldfinch with its bright, really dandyish coloring, krasnogrudy a bullfinch with its melodious whistle and a scratch, elegant a chaffinch who on a color will not concede to parrots.

How to support songbirds in house conditions?

of Songbirds can be contained in cages, cages and open-air cages, everything depends on the number of pets. It is necessary to have them at distance of 40 — 50 cm from a floor above.
At daily shift of a forage and water cannot be done sharp movements. It is necessary to approach cages and open-air cages carefully, in a low voice talking to birds. Only at such address they quickly get used to the person.
it is Also necessary to avoid drafts and sharp temperature changes. Sharp noise, unexpected emergence near a cell of foreign person, sudden inclusion or switching off of light strongly frighten birds and can become the reason of their death.
is not recommended to occupy cages and open-air cages a large number of birds as it leads to their fast pollution that can lead to the outbreak of diseases. New birds of the room it is necessary to occupy in the morning that in a day they accustomed with conditions of keeping and quietly could spend the night. Otherwise, without having managed to adapt, they will uneasily behave, to fight about rods, can be injured. It is necessary to select birds for joint contents taking into account their extent and features of behavior.

the Diet of zernoyadny birds consists usually of mix of seeds of various plants. However, it is impossible to be limited only to grain, as a part of a forage there have to be a millet of different types, a canary seed, grits, oats, a winter cress, colza, a linen seed, salad seeds, seeds of coniferous trees, hemp, a sunflower, a chumiza, a burdock, an orach, meadow herbs and also cultural cereals — wheat and a rye, corn. Except the listed components, at a diet there have to be green forages, berries, vegetables and fruit, buds of various trees and bushes. Sometimes it is necessary to include forages of animal origin in a diet — ant dolls, boiled egg, flour hearts, dry gamma Russian. The composition of fodder mixes is defined by specific and specific features of birds, and the ratio of components should be changed taking into account a poyedayemost.

there is practically no
Unfortunately, in pet-shops forages for wild birds, then it is possible to take forages as a basis for амадин and canaries, and to prepare other components independently. In a diet surely there has to be a mineral mix, chalk and sepia. As you see, feeding of room birds — daily and not simple care.

the Only minus of keeping of songbirds is their rather liquid dung, it should be considered when cleaning and choosing a laying on a cage bottom.

At due leaving your feathery pet will please you with the singing, mobility and longevity.

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