• Jan 14, 2020
 sparrow the lessona sits on a tree
Sparrow popugaychik of Lesson Forpus coelestis
Group Popugayeobrazny
Family Popugayevy
Rod Sparrow popugaychik


Small korotkokhvosty parrots up to 12.5 cm long and up to 33 гр.

Main coloring of plumage olive-green, gray nape, back gray-green, nadkhvostya and swing feathers of wings blue, tail dark green. On a front part and to a breast a color bright green. Behind eyes to a nape a blue spot. The beak is light, eyes brown, a gray okologlaznichny ring. Pink paws. Females have small differences in a color — there is no blue color on a nadkhvostya and wings.

Life expectancy at good leaving up to 25 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature

Quite numerous look. Sparrow popugaychik of Lesson in the west of South America and from Bolivia to Peru live. Prefer dry areas of subtropical and tropical forests. Out of the nested period of a bird lodge small packs from 5 to 20 individuals.

The nested period falls on January — May. Nest in hollows, in cactuses, termitaries, can occupy others nests. The female twists a soft rug from blades, leaves and petals which brings in a beak. The male does not take part in construction. In a laying of 4 — 6 eggs. Incubatory period of 18 days. Only the female hatches, the male all this time feeds her. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of 4 — 5 weeks. Parents some time finish feeding young growth.

The diet consists of seeds of wild-growing herbs, berries, fruit and fruits of cactuses.

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