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of Pets is got for own pleasure or for receiving profit. Domestic pigeons are an opportunity to combine business with pleasure. The thoroughbred bird costs expensive. And communication with birds will force the owner to forget about the commercial party of chicken farming and to rejoice to each meeting with the pets.

Tame domestic pigeons: the choice of breed, feature of contents
Domestic pigeons are an opportunity to combine business with pleasure

the Choice of breed

The beginner in cultivation of pigeons hardly knows that there are different types and breeds of birds. Without having decided on the purpose of cultivation of pets, the pigeon breeder can doubt whether kosmach or a seagull are necessary to it. For chicken farming in house conditions usually choose:

  1. Decorative look. These birds are bred because of beautiful exterior. Decorative breeds of domestic pigeons are intended only for participation in exhibitions. That the bird could participate in a competition, care of it has to be especially thorough. The bird needs not just to be fed. It is necessary to watch its appearance.
  2. Sports view. Birds are intended for participation in sports meets. These pigeons are descendants of post birds who were trained to fly on a long distance and in a certain direction. Representatives of sports breeds inherited ability to fly on long ranges from the ancestors. Owners of such pets are interested in growing up the bird capable to overcome long distances. The owner of the winner is expected by monetary or other remunerations.
  3. Flight look . Sometimes representatives of flight breeds are confused with decorative birds. However the difference between types after all exists. If her appearance is important for a decorative bird generally, then the flight breed is intended for beautiful planning in air.
Tame domestic pigeons: the choice of breed, feature of contents
Pigeons, whether it be kosmach or a seagull, need good питании

Содержание birds

Pigeons, whether it be kosmach or a seagull, need good food. However no specific products are required to them. Usual grain can be mixed with mineral additive, for example, with pounded chalk. If the pigeon breeder breeds birds for commercial purposes, it is desirable to use ready forages.

special dovecots or open-air cages are necessary For chicken farming. > it is much simpler to strong to Build the open-air cage. However before nesting it will be necessary to prepare it in a special way. Increased requirements on disinfection are imposed to the open-air cage. Boxes of a dovecot have to be steam rooms with the built-in feeding troughs and drinking bowls. The owner has to watch over health of the wards attentively. Sick individuals need to be isolated in due time that they did not infect healthy. Respect for sanitary standards will help to avoid infection of pets.

How to breed pigeons (video)


it is necessary for the Owner:

  1. Twice a year and if there is an opportunity, then and is more often, to process the room in which there live pigeons. 20-30 years ago solutions for processing were prepared independently. Today in it there is no need. Means for disinfection can be bought in specialized shop. For the period of processing of pets it is necessary to remove from the room that they did not inhale fumes of solutions. It is necessary to process not only the room, but also nests. After disinfection it is necessary to air the room several hours.
  2. To protect a dovecot from rats and other rodents. Animals can do harm to birds. Besides, rodents often are carriers of dangerous diseases. Not only pets, but also their owners can suffer.
  3. To process feeding troughs and drinking bowls 2-3 times a week. It is rather simple to wash up them in flowing water.
  4. To lodge no more than 20 individuals in one room. If there is no opportunity to construct one more dovecot, and business needs development, it is possible to divide the placement on several sections.

The floor of a dovecot has to be concreted. Walls should be imposed with plywood. Such measures are necessary not only from the hygienic point of view. The room needs to be protected from drafts reliably.

Tame domestic pigeons: choice of breed, feature of contents

of Feature of reproduction

Pairing of pigeons happens in the spring. If the owner breeds birds only for own pleasure, it is optional to select couple. Birds independently choose to themselves partners. However, if the owner purposefully works on improvement of breed or wants to remove a new look, couple should be picked up according to certain criteria. It is possible to distinguish a male from a female by the sizes. the Female has to be average build. the Bird with a lack of weight is not always capable to give posterity. Too well-fed individual can damage the weight eggs in a laying.

For couple it is necessary to create natural conditions. The surroundings of a dovecot have to imitate the environment. It is possible to allow birds to be engaged in arrangement of a nest by own efforts. Usually the owner of a dovecot allows the pets to leave the room. Birds will come back home with the necessary construction material.

The female lays eggs in a week after pairing. After the end of the incubatory period baby birds are born. At the birth they always blind people and without plumage. It is very difficult to learn in baby birds posterity of pigeons. The growing-up individuals can eat more adult birds. It is necessary to treat it as to norm. Only the lack of appetite has to cause concerns.

Tame domestic pigeons: choice of breed, feature of contents

Is not from China

One of the most popular breeds for cultivation are the Chinese pigeons. Actually these birds were delivered from Africa. The name was thought up by the Parisian dealer in pigeons of Destrivo. One of names – pigeons the Chinese seagulls. The exterior they really are remotely similar to sea birds. However have more jewelry from feathers these pigeons, than at seagulls.

it is possible to Recognize the representative of breed by bright-red eyes . The option of a coloring can be also another, for example, black. The seagull differs in the round, but not spherical head which is located much below, than at pigeons of other breeds. The beak at a bird has average length. It can also be very short. Color of a beak – black. The seagull is practically any coloring. Often monophonic individuals meet.

The seagull not always differs in external appeal. Monophonic birds seem especially unattractive. In the decorative purposes of these pigeons do not use. At the same time seagulls well are suitable for participation in sports meets thanks to the endurance. The bird can be trained in abrupt bends in air. The trained individual will be used as a flight bird on various reviews and competitions.

Tame domestic pigeons: choice of breed, feature of contents

Armavir white-headed

The Armavir breed was removed in the 17th century. One of names of these pigeons are kosmach. It was given in honor of North Caucasian dlinnoklyuvy kosmachy on the basis of which the breed was removed. To receive necessary result, pigeon breeders had to spend more than one hundred years. Now representatives of breed remained very little. Many individuals were taken out out of borders of the Russian Federation. The Armavir white-headed enjoys special popularity in Northern Kazakhstan, in the Crimea and in the North Caucasus.

Pigeon breeders allocate the shortcomings admissible for representatives of breed. Individuals with minor defects have the right to participate in reproduction. They can be sold. Refer insufficiently highly lifted forelock to small defects. Kosmach with asymmetry of quantity of feathers in wings can be also allowed to participation in reproduction. Gray eyes and yellow eyelids belong to insignificant defects.

Individuals meet more expressed shortcomings. They are rejected, without allowing before reproduction. Such kosmach cannot be also sold. The motley coloring is considered an inadmissible shortcoming. Eyes should not be multi-colored. As admissible flowers of eyes are considered black and gray.

Tame domestic pigeons: choice of breed, feature of contents

Volsk breed

The Volsk pigeons appeared in the 19th century. They received the name in honor of the city of Volsk in which they were brought. It is known that for removal of new breed the Kamyshin, dubovsky and white Penza pigeons were used. Birds gained recognition not at once. However even after their external characteristics and other advantages were estimated, this version was not widely adopted.

Birds can be in flight not less than 6 hours. They well are guided on the unfamiliar area. They are capable to fly as it is rather low, and is very high. Birds can somersault and make circular motions in air.

The Volsk pigeons enjoy popularity among pigeon breeders. These birds have pleasant appearance. It is easy to support them. Besides females differ in fertility. They well look after the baby birds. The owner should not control careful mother constantly. For the winter period of pigeons it is necessary to close in a dovecot or the open-air cage. Birds have to be locked from November to March. The owner should not be afraid of the fact that pets will lose ability to fly. Pigeons need to be protected from drafts which can do much harm to their health. Ptentsov it is necessary to impart as soon as possible.

Feeding of pigeons (video)

Cultivation of birds is capable to become both a usual hobby, and profitable business. Pigeons do not need too spacious room. Quite often owners keep them directly on the closed loggia or in an extension to the private house. Not only the qualitative forage, but also good attitude of the owner is necessary for birds.

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