• Sep 19, 2019

Often in the cities can see a huge number of waterfowl who did not fly away on a wintering. Usually it is ducks of a kryakva, swans-shipuny, sometimes others natatorial (up to 20 types). Most often the person is guilty that these birds remain to winter.

Why swans and ducks winter in the city

In parks and on city reservoirs there are always a lot of vacationers who always feed these birds. Ducks and swans in the presence of a constant source of a forage decide not to fly to winter and spend for it forces, and remain on the hatched and lured places.

Waterfowl it is possible and it is necessary to feed up only in severe frosts (-15 and below degrees) that they had time to depart on a wintering and there were no temptations to remain. On a constant basis it is possible to feed up only the weakened and crippled birds.

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