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With arrival of cold weather in the city can see a set of different types of birds — sparrows, titmouses, bullfinches and many other representatives of the feathery world. In spite of the fact that birds live in the nature, sometimes they need our help. However it is necessary to render it intelligently.

 bullfinches in a feeding trough
Remember that birds need only fertilizing, but not a full-fledged diet, they have to get it independently!
What to feed with


Vorobyinoobrazny birds can be fed up throughout all winter.
can Make feeding troughs of various materials, the main thing that on a forage rainfall did not get, it was easy and safe to birds to get it, to the person easy and it was convenient to resupply a forage. Also, sometimes it is necessary to wash feeding troughs from a dung and other pollution.

For fertilizing it is possible to use special forages of industrial production (also forages will be suitable for average and small parrots) and also independently made mix from a millet, sunflower seeds (not fried and not salty) and oats. Mix can be enriched with nutlets, they are kaloriyna and give to birds a lot of energy, however remember that nuts have to be without shell, not fried and not salty.

What to feed titmouses and woodpeckers  a titmouse in a feeding trough

Some birds (titmouses and woodpeckers) about pleasure will regale on unsalted fat which can be suspended separately or to fix near a forage. Seeds of sunflower it is necessary to pour not much, at their constant use birdies can have problems with a liver. You should not hold a feeding trough constantly filled, accustom birds to a certain mode that birds also tried to get a forage. For example, fill a feeding trough in the morning and in the evening.

do not use the spoiled products for feeding, the forage with a mold — it can ruin birds.

Millet will also not be suitable for birds, in difference from a millet, it is deprived of a cover and often may contain the toxins dangerous to birds. Bread is also dangerous to birds, especially black, especially fresh, it often contains starch and also can ferment in a stomach at birds.

What to feed with


 pigeons in a feeding trough

For fertilizing of pigeons it is also possible to use special mix or to make it independently of wheat, barley, pearl barley. Also oat flakes, but not instant will approach.

What to feed with

forest birds

In forest birds feeders besides a forage it is possible to leave pumpkin and water-melon sunflower seeds, an apple piece, a mountain ash, a guelder-rose, a hawthorn, currant, etc. It is also possible to use small pieces of crude beef, the boiled and cut egg. Perfectly cones, acorns, maple seeds from an ash-tree will approach.

As is correct to hang out feeders for birds  birds feeders in a garden

There is a wish to note the locations of feeding troughs separately. Many like to observe for feeding of birds and feeding troughs directly at the window have. However, you remember, birds besides that eat, also often defecate. Their dung can be liquid and often corrodes even some paints. Besides, they often scatter the forage remains in different directions. Especially all this the neighbors who are living floors below and not sharing these bird's pleasures can grieve. Sometimes, at suspension of feeding troughs on a window, birds can fly in an open window leaf.

Should remember that birds and their dung can be a source of various diseases which can be transmitted to the person (ornithosis, tuberculosis, etc.) therefore it is necessary to contact to all this minimum, always to wash hands after contact of feeding troughs or to use gloves.

Feeding troughs it is the best of all to have near the house, in gardens, parks, is closer to bushes. And in general, observe where in the yard flocks of birds accumulate, there and hang up. As usually there is a lot of birds at a feeding trough, it is necessary to have them so that it was heavy to predators to reach visitors of the improvised dining room.

And here it is better not to feed up vranovy birds specially, their number in the city is huge, they are omnivorous, can attack small birds and are capable to get to themselves a forage independently (on dumps including). Remember that birds from the person need only the small help to endure severe frosts, you should not overfeed birds out of pity, these can only do much harm. In everything the measure is necessary.

If to establish a phototrap near a feeding trough, you will be pleasantly surprised by the received pictures.

you do not trust

, look how it happens in our article "As birds treat a selfie"

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