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to group of cassowaries. This is the biggest bird of Australia which is the second largest after the African subspecies. The ostrich of an emu lives practically in all territory of the Australian continent though he cannot be met in the dense forest, in droughty, semidesertic zones or near densely populated areas.

the Ostrich of an emu belongs to казуаров

Характеристики group of a bird

the Ostrich of an emu has the following parameters:

  1. Length of feathery reaches 1.9 m though females have the sizes no more than 150 cm
  2. The weight of this not flying Australian bird is equal to 30-50 kg.
  3. As birds of this look can take steps about 260-270 cm long, each his representative can run with a speed of 45-50 km/h.
  4. In a mouth ostriches have no teeth therefore for normal work of digestive bodies they should swallow of stones, pieces of metal, plastic, glass. Their bird of an emu applies to grinding of food.
  5. Though these ostriches seldom drink, never refuse water. Especially as they well swim and also like to sit in water in shallow water.

The Australian ostrich for protection uses the powerful sharp-clawed paws. Long legs he can spoil a wire entanglement from metal. the Bird has good sight and hearing, that allows it to hide from wild animals. Plumage at it looks differently because its characteristics are affected by the environment. The ostrich from Australia is active even at a midday heat. This feathery can bear a big temperature difference. To externally distinguish females from males quite difficult, but people learned to determine them by the made sounds. This bird lives in wild conditions 10-20 years.

of Feature of an ostrich of an emu (video)

Some information about an emu

Unlike the African fellow, the emu on each leg has 3 fingers with the same number of phalanxes. Birds of this type differ in residual wings 18-20 cm long, and each of them terminates in a small claw.

The neck at an ostrich is covered with a small number of feathers of brown color. It is painted in pale blue tone. Such plumage can absorb sunlight.

At these birds in the eyes are blink membranes which protect them from dust. Such ability is necessary to an emu in case he lives near droughty areas or near the desert. On a neck the bird has a sack. There passes the trachea. This adaptation is well noticeable at a bird during mating dance as openings in this body allow an ostrich to change height of the made sound and its loudness. Females shout much stronger than males.

of the Emu the good sight and hearing that allows it to hide from wild animals

Normally to breathe, the emu has nasal passes of the big sizes. The bird can live at a temperature of-5 … +45 °C. The sounds made by a bird (grunting, "drumbeat") are usually heard from a distance of 1.5-2 km.

there Are 3 subspecies of ostriches of an emu. They differ with the places of residence and coloring.

In the north of the continent lives the pale, having the good building Vudvord's appearance , and in the southwest of Australia the breed with a dark color of feathers lives ( Rothschild's ostrich ).

In the southeast there live so-called new the Dutch ostriches. the Name came from the old name of Australia – New Holland.

Australian Ostrich of an Emu

Way of life

The emu does not dig in sand, he does not love it. He prefers to lodge at water as he well swims. Though the bird has also not a rest throughout all night time, she nevertheless goes to bed – at once at sunset. The emu wakes up during a dream about 7-8 times therefore its real time for day does not exceed 7 hours.

The emu eats various roots, berries, a grass, fruits. Can attack crops of grain crops therefore farmers do not love this bird. Usually come for feeding of an emu in the morning. If does not have other forage, then they can catch various insects. Water of a bird is drunk 1 time in the afternoon or at night, but if they live on the bank of a reservoir, then can come to a watering place and several times in day. Prefer to approach water when there are no other animals nearby.

Australian Ostrich of an Emu

Females during pairing show big aggression to individuals of the floor, than males. Sometimes they even fight for the chosen partner for 4-5 hours. It happens if the male is single.

At mating dance of steam of birds there is a friend opposite to the friend. Emus decline a neck, and then begin to swing synchronously the heads above the ground. After that the male takes away a female to a nest which builds. Couple can live together for 5 months. Pairing happens in May or June. Females postpone in a nest (pole) until 20 eggs painted in dark green tone. Each of them weighs from 0.7 to 0.9 kg. If the female one, then eggs can be about 8. There are baby birds up to 500 g and 10-12 cm long. Usually it occurs in 16 weeks after pairing. The male protects the posterity and shows aggression to any being who will appear near a nest. Enemies of an emu are dingo dogs, birds of prey, foxes.

Gallery: ostrich of an emu (50 photos)

Application in agriculture

This bird is grown up on farms because of quality meat. Fat of birds enjoys popularity as medicine at natives of Australia long ago.

Began to breed an emu in the western part of the country only in 1987. The individuals who are in the wild nature are protected by the state therefore their cultivation in bondage requires the special license.

Cultivation of an emu in the increased scales began in North America, China and Peru. In other camps prefer for contents in bondage to use the African ostriches.

Australian Ostrich of an Emu

Emus part for receiving oil and meat, also skin for production of accessories is used. These birds possess meat with fat content about 1.5% and 80 g of cholesterol for 0.1 kg of a product. Therefore such meat delicacies are considered as useful to people.

Fat of birds is applied in cosmetics and to production of biological additives. Oil incorporates valuable fatty acids.

Skin of an emu is used for production of purses or footwear because of the characteristic drawing on its surface. Feathers and eggs of a bird apply in art and various crafts.

How to breed ostriches (video)

Limited shooting of an emu is sometimes allowed if they brought big losses to farmers when eating grain crops on fields. As wild populations of a bird are small now, measures are taken for their protection. The majority of birds perishes because of reduction of habitats, collision with cars on roads, there are cases of premeditated murder of an emu.

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