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of Breed of geese in the world exist in a large number, however there are certain, so-called main types which unite smaller subgroups. Geese are a widespread type of poultry as it is very favorable and profitable to part this breed of birds. The bird has such difference as high precocity, the minimum potreblyaemost and an excellent yaytsenoskost. In other words, with the minimum expenses it is possible to receive the maximum advantage both for himself, and for the budget.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household
Lind's Geese take more than 20 years the leading place from breeds of this poultry

are distinguished On average by nearly 20 breeds of this bird which perfectly contain in a household, however there are differences that some part only for meat, and others – for eggs or sale as the bird looks very attractively and besides has unique intelligence.

Holmogorsky and lindovsky breeds

Thoroughbred geese not only decorative as them it is also possible:

  • to use in a household;
  • to part for sale;
  • to chuck in meat.

It is worth noticing that holmogorsky geese are considered as the most ancient breed of this species of a bird. The first data on them were recorded in 1885. of their Feature consist in:

  • the large sizes as males reach in the weight of 12 kg, and females – 8 kg;
  • the original structure of the head on which the large cone is in front located;
  • broad convex chest;
  • existence of characteristic folds on a stomach cavity;
  • low yaytsenoskost level;
  • not choosy character;
  • endurance;
  • unpretentiousness.

It is the largest breeds of geese, and they have dietary meat, excellent on taste. The bird possesses the one and only shortcoming, and it consists in a long sexual sozrevayemost. If to be more precisely, then the maturity comes only in 3 years of life, however in general the breeding herd is capable to live literally up to 20 years, naturally, at competent leaving and qualitative food. It allows to carry out throughout a long time cultivation of one, and only pure breed. Extends this look in the central part of the Russian Federation and to support a bird, will be required:

  • gusyatnik;
  • warm and dry laying;
  • the room without drafts;
  • free walking;
  • access to water.

Winter such geese transfer not bad as they are capable to walk on snow and to take baths in ice water.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

Being engaged in cultivation of breed, it is necessary to remember that 1 male is the share of 4 females, and each goose has to possess the separate nest.

It is possible to store eggs which will be used in an incubation no more than 15 days. Observing all recommendations, it is annually possible to increase a livestock by 20 units.

Breeds of guinea gooses under the name lindovsky are considered as not less demanded. They arose when crossing two breeds, namely the Chinese and Gorky goose. It was required to for receiving the bird possessing:

  • yaytsenoskost;
  • large sizes;
  • tasty and useful meat.

At achievement of these qualities additional crossing of the removed breed with an Adler bird was carried out significantly to improve quality of a feather and down which are perfectly used in the industry on production of blankets and pillows.

Further there was a crossing with the Arzamas goose that influenced improvement of quality of meat and a liver. Complex work yielded excellent result in the form of the lindovsky goose possessing exclusively positive sides:

  • precocity;
  • yaytsenoskost;
  • large sizes;
  • big body weight;
  • white plumage;
  • quality down.

Puberty at representatives of this breed comes in 8 months, and, above all for this type of poultry is an availability of pure and fresh water. If this condition is not considered, then geese can be ill, perish, lose weight. Each hen house has to be equipped with special recesses in which the minimum lighting that is required for a privacy. Geese of this breed approximately at the end of winter begin to lay eggs, and females are capable to hatch out a laying.

It is important to remember maintenance of optimum temperature in the hen house as females leave nests a day 2-3 times approximately for half an hour.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

The biggest goose in Russia is considered large gray. The breed is simply adored by many farmers as cultivation of a bird without existence of an open and flowing reservoir is possible. Geese have distinctive features in a look:

  • weight up to 9 kg;
  • wide trunk;
  • a thick orange beak with a bright tip;
  • average neck;
  • white stomach;
  • gray color of feathers.

Can surprise also the term of achievement of the maximum sizes. For example, literally in 2-3 months the bird can reach 5 kg. A year one goose gives to 50 eggs, and weight everyone on average 200 g. Content of such breed of geese is carried out only indoors with heat-insulated floors and regular replacement of a laying. The neglect such recommendations can lead to a disease and even death of a bird. It is categorically undesirable to use this breed that who only begins the farmer activity as birds need special and careful leaving. Some farmers compare a gray goose to the child as it needs the same care and love.

Breeds of geese and their feature (video)

Goose of demidovskiya

the Big and beautiful goose – it is not simple as are necessary:

  • qualitative food;
  • correct contents;
  • excellent leaving.

Big guinea gooses demidovsky which are widespread most of all in the central part of the Russian Federation are very popular. the Individual who reached a maturity has weight in 8 kg and also possesses:

  • big scope of a wing;
  • large legs;
  • white plumage;
  • characteristic bend which is present at a front part of the head.

If on spring to impregnate gooses, then in the next year they will be able to bring on average in 68 eggs, each of which weighs on 200 g. It is favorable to grow up them to the industry as special conditions of keeping or food are not required for them.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

The goose under the name Danish легарт is the individual who appeared in the territory of Denmark and being the most popular in the world. of Feature of a bird in:

  • average constitution;
  • weight in 8 kg;
  • deep and long trunk;
  • average length of a neck;
  • small beak;
  • a small fatty fold on area of a stomach;
  • orange pads and beak;
  • white plumage.

Gooses of this bird look very beautifully and elegantly, especially at the time of change of down with a feather. Most often plumage of white color, and without any impregnations. In a year the female can give up to 40 eggs weight Gooses develop in 200 g rather actively and in 3 months about 7 kg can weigh. the Breed has popularity at the expense of down as deplumation of a bird is carried out at one-year-old age every 2 month. In a year from one unit it is possible to collect about 200 g of down.

Danish goose

Danish легарт possesses a shortcoming – sensitivity to sharp temperature drops , and therefore for winter they should be transferred to the hen house where a heat-insulated floor, the thick layer of a laying, is not present drafts and access to the street. To summertime of geese send to a pasture for a set of weight, and the face is conducted generally at the beginning of November.

What color the goose has to be on a farmstead? Everything depends on the purpose of its cultivation. If only meat and eggs is required, then it is possible to choose any and if down for sale or industrial production is necessary, then generally preference is given to white individuals.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

Tula combative

The Tula combative goose is one more unique breed which was really removed for conducting fights. This bird:

  • hardy;
  • mobile;
  • with original appearance;
  • possesses perfectly developed muscles;
  • has a beak of the small size;
  • has eyes bluish-gray or black;
  • with the strong constitution;
  • from-headed rounded shape and a large forehead;
  • massive;
  • has big scope of a wing.

The Tula goose has 3 subspecies, each of which differs only in a form and the size of a beak. Feature of breed – in resistance to sharp temperature drops and frosts. They can be grown up even in the territory of Siberia and to contain in half-closed open-air cages with access to walking. The adult male weighs about 5-6 kg. the Goose in a year can postpone until 25 eggs , however advantage of this breed is that gooses are excellent brood hens and sometimes can hatch out eggs of geese of other breeds. It is worth noticing that conducting goose fights relevant and for today. It is quite possible to take part in them if to be sure that the bird is ready to the forthcoming competition and has all necessary data.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

Goose Egyptian

Characteristic and description of each goose:

  • are unique;
  • have the features;
  • allow as it is possible to pick up a necessary individual better.

Egyptian, or Nile, the goose has the third name – an Indo-goose. The closest relative of a bird is an ordinary duck, however by the form they remind geese. The bird is wild, however possesses meat with improbable taste that pushes many fans of hunting for search of this breed. Distinctive feature of the Egyptian goose consists in:

  • magnificent plumage;
  • broad scope of a wing;
  • high legs;
  • thin neck;
  • harmonious constitution;
  • existence of ability to float and dive perfectly;
  • high speed at run.

They can fly, and:

  • quickly;
  • easily;
  • but with noise.

These African geese across the territory of Nile and Africa extend. Live in the basic on coasts of reservoirs which are filled with forest plantations as they are required for them for formation of nests. Reproduction lasts for all year, however, the last egg will not be laid yet, the female will not sit down on a laying. For this reason the young growth appears approximately at the same time.

Ganders behave more actively, than females, and can be even aggressive if it is about the pairing period. When courting it is possible to observe demonstration of the white plumage located from an internal part of a wing.

Contents in house conditions is quite possible, however careful leaving, the equipment of the large territory for accommodation, walking and nesting will be required. This breed of a bird categorically does not transfer the neighbourhood with other species of birds.

Images of these smart birds can be met in a set of books about Ancient Egypt, on frescos which decorated many pyramids. Important criteria for selection of this species of geese are the sizes and fast maturing. These two factors are the main for those who give them preference for cultivation in a household. It is important to consider also that the bird got used to favorable climatic conditions, and therefore it is necessary to provide the maximum comfort and a minimum of drafts for the winter.

The Best Breeds of Geese for Cultivation in a Household

Toulouse, Emden and Italian

Geese of the Chinese breed, the Kuban geese and to them similar subspecies – all this an opportunity to expand space of the farmstead, however needs to study carefully features of their contents to avoid such problems as:

  • fights;
  • domination;
  • extinction.

The Toulouse goose was brought to territories of France and is result of crossing of several breeds. Should noticing that the bird rather large and possesses:

  • impressive sizes;
  • a breast with big parameters;
  • legs of small length, however very massive;
  • folds on skin;
  • weighing 9 kg.

Owing to the fact that the sizes of a bird very big, she is not too active and it is even inactive. If it is correct to contain this species of birds, then it is possible to receive from each individual in a year up to 400 g of a liver. Geese of this breed are considered as the most thermophilic and demand for accommodation of the warm hen house. Existence of drafts is strictly forbidden, control of level of humidity is necessary. If not to observe these recommendations, then birds will begin to be ill and perish.

Gooses bring on average till 25-40 eggs in a year, however percent of survival of posterity very low also demands observance of conditions of keeping. To receive qualitative and big posterity, it is desirable to use an incubator that will increase survival probability.

Geese of the Emden breed are the handsome possessing white plumage and called in honor of the place in which were removed. Breed large and rather fleshy that allows to receive an excellent harvest at cultivation in house conditions. The male can reach about 11 kg.

They have distinctive features in a look:

  • heads of the large size;
  • beak of big width and thickness;
  • the extended body;
  • folds in a stomach;
  • quality and useful meat;
  • massive and short legs.

The Yaytsenoskost is not too big as it is possible to receive only 25-30 eggs a year from one goose. In 2 months gooses already weigh about 4 kg. The Emden goose has a distinctive feature. It is the only breed in the world which changes plumage. Gooses appear gray, and the adult individual can be white, motley or completely gray. As soon as all process of a molt is undergone, the feather gains white color.

The Italian white geese were really brought to territories of Italy and in Russia began to appear only in 1975. the Weight of a goose averages 8 kg, and among distinctive features it is possible to note:

  • feather of white color;
  • rigid and dense feather;
  • minimum quantity of down;
  • compactness;
  • small size of the head;
  • rather short neck;
  • broad chest;
  • existence of a fold on a belly integument.

Gooses possess an excellent yaytsenoskost thanks to what the breed enjoys popularity. Females are the excellent brood hens capable to hatch out not only the eggs.

Who is more favorable – a goose or a duck (video)


Housekeeping starts gaining steam over again for today that allows to get profit in the form of means, meat and eggs. The Kuban geese and other types are some of popular birds who can often be met in various farms. Generally they are brought big packs to achieve the best results, but the main thing is an observance of recommendations about contents.

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