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to people for the motley coloring, original character and a way of life. It can seldom be seen going on the ground as this little bird spends the most part of time in air. It falls by the earth only to drink.

Bird goldfinch: a way of life at liberty and in a cage the Bird a goldfinch from family of vyyurkovy was fallen in love by
to people for the motley coloring, original character and a way of life

the Description of a look

By the sizes the goldfinch ordinary is comparable with a sparrow, his weight – 20 g

Voices of goldfinches differ in special melody, these birds can execute more than 2 tens melodies. Females a voice more gentle, at males sometimes have sharp notes cutting hearing. But the most unique and pleasant trills are executed by the males inviting the girlfriends in joint flight.

Colouring of a bird bright and peculiar. the Paunch light, a back and a breast – motley, with black, brown, beige specks. Lines of wings are emphasized by yellow plumage. The head is white, on a nape feathers form a peculiar black collar thanks to which 1 of types the black-headed goldfinch received the name.
The beak is surrounded with bright black short moustaches and red plumelets. Baby birds do not have them, they appear by the time of growing. Coloring of females less bright, than at males. Ornithologists say that 2 goldfinches with identical coloring do not exist.

It is difficult to distinguish a female from a male: the red strip under a beak at a male is twice wider, than at a female, but it is difficult to notice these strips and a difference between them on the flitting birds.

Under natural conditions the birdie lives on average 8 years. Observations showed that also long-livers, which age meet 13-14 years.

Some representatives of the African types on the head have a cop which makes them similar to small parrots. The American goldfinch has unique ability to change the coloring: in the winter it olive, in the summer – yellowy-brown.

The largest representative of this look is the gray-headed goldfinch. Its length reaches 17 cm. Coloring is less bright, than at black-headed. Meets in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Southern Siberia.

Habitat and way of life

A bird goldfinches do not transfer hard frosts therefore they meet in the countries of Europe, Central Asia, North Africa more often. In the spring and at the beginning of summer they lead a pair life. To fall of a bird gather in packs, some depart to warm regions, but the majority it is necessary to winter, preferring to lodge in deciduous groves, light forests, gardens.

For nests goldfinches choose high trees, where they feel safe. Prefer to lodge at considerable distance from each other. Treat construction of a nest of a bird seriously, try that it it turned out cozy and protected. As construction material use wood bark and a moss. Some subspecies cover the dwelling with own down, others use only soft natural materials. The nest carefully masks, from the earth it is difficult to notice it.

Bird goldfinch: a way of life at liberty and in a cage
Goldfinches prefer to lodge in deciduous groves, light forests, gardens

Spiders assist goldfinches in construction of nests. They braid it with a web, and it becomes similar to a cocoon, warmer and imperceptible. When there are baby birds, spiders will serve as a forage.

the Majority of goldfinches keeps order and purity in a nest. They constantly put away from it garbage and a dung. And greenfinches are representatives of one of subspecies of goldfinches, do not watch purity. They build 2 nests. While the first brood grows up, its nest becomes covered by a dung layer. The second laying becomes in a new clean nest.

When the nest is ready, the female lays eggs and hatches out baby birds. The male of participation in incubation does not accept, but provides a female with food. Approximately in 2 weeks baby birds appear. Parents divide work on their feeding equally. As soon as baby birds become on a wing, they leave a parental nest, but still some time live nearby.

Bird goldfinch: a way of life at liberty and in a cage

Under favorable conditions 1 couple can have 2 broods.

Recently the black-headed goldfinch lodges closer and closer to housing of the person. People fell in love with these birds not only for beautiful singing and bright coloring. Goldfinches in large numbers eat the mean insects living in gardens. Delicacy for them are larvae of a wood plant louse, seeds of weeds .

It is curious that goldfinches very much love burdock seeds. Other birds and animals do not eat them. It is interesting to observe how the whole flocks of goldfinches take seat on a burdock and finger dry prickles. Birdies can hang headfirst on thin stalks, showing acrobatics miracles. They concede in dexterity only to titmouses.

Bird goldfinch: a way of life at liberty and in a cage

Contents in bondage

People learned to support these birds in bondage long ago. The domestic goldfinch whose description slightly differs from the description of the relatives living under natural conditions is unpretentious, quickly gets used to the person. Sometimes gives in to training, and it can be trained in simple tricks.

If it is correct to organize food of a goldfinch, then even in bondage he will sing and will not lose the attractive coloring. It is necessary to include seeds of a burdock, a dandelion, a sunflower, a common linnet in a diet. the Bird willingly eats lettuce leaves. can add hay, grated crude carrots and boiled egg To winter time.

It is necessary to consider that behavior of goldfinches under natural conditions quite friendly, but in the conditions of bondage they can show aggression to relatives and other birds. That it did not occur, the cage for contents has to be spacious, periodically birds need to be let out that they did some flying indoors.

At the correct contents the goldfinch lives in bondage longer, than on freedom. The case when the house feathery pet lived 27 years is known.

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