• Sep 19, 2019
As a rule when we make the decision to bring the pet, it is dictated by some reasons. It can be, for example, the need to care for someone or desire to make happy the child. Anyway, the choice has to be thought over and realized.

Surely consider opinion and wishes of all members of household and weigh all pluses and minuses of appearance of a bird in the house.

the Bird in the house: pluses

  • there will be a cheerful and cheerful being pleasing you not only with habits, but also appearance Nearby. It is essential plus of keeping of a bird in the house.
  • Each bird is a personality whom it is very interesting to watch.
  • High I.Q. of some types (generally parrots and vranovy) allows to communicate with them almost as equals.
  • there Is no characteristic smell.
  • As a rule, it is not difficult to clean after a bird.
  • the Feathery friend does not need walking.
  • At due leaving and the correct contents the bird seldom is ill, and lives long enough.
  • If you are going on vacation, it is simpler to entrust someone care of a bird, than in a case with a cat or a dog.
 Scare a korell

the Bird in the house: minuses

  • Some birds quite importunate and noisy, let out shrill cries.
  • not to do without garbage (feathers, down, the scattered forage, etc.)
  • The the bird is cleverer, the it is more than time and attention she requires. And her absolutely it is not important that you have urgent matters. It for many — also minus keeping of a bird in the house.
  • Birds are curious and often try improper objects on a beak or seek to be slaughtered into a crack from where cannot be chosen (and take from there the pet it can be difficult). It demands special approach to safety of the pet.
  • you do not explain to the feathery friend what was just made by smart repair or the flower which drew its attention to you was especially expensive. And this piece of paper — not so toilet, but the important report. Or rather, was the report …
  • the Bird can get sick while you least of all are ready to it.
  • developing of an allergy is possible.
  • there Can be problems with care of a bird for the period of the holiday.
  • If the large parrot bites you, it will be quite painful.

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