• Sep 19, 2019
and emergence of the deformed eggs are the Main reason for a delay of a laying of eggs at parrots mistakes in preparation for nesting Other cause the inflammation of a yaytsevod caused by cold can be. The bird or does not take down egg at all, or it will be fragile, small and, most likely, an ugly form.

Symptoms of a delay of a laying of eggs at a parrot

the following signs have to guard with
  • the female of a parrot accepts horizontal position
  • the bird extends a neck
  • breath heavy.

the Delay of a laying of eggs at a parrot: what to do?

Immediately replace it in a separate quarantine cage. Air temperature has to be not less than 30 degrees there. Thanks to heat spasms stop, and the bird is able to lay egg.
If egg is late in a foul place or the lower part of a yaytsevod, the bird needs to be helped.
  1. Zakapayte in яйцевод the vaseline oil prokipyachenny for 1 hour, and then cooled on a water bath. It is possible to make it in the manner of an enema: to squeeze out from the syringe without needle about 0.5 ml of oil in a foul place (the dosage is specified a wavy parrot).
  2. Oil it edges of a yaytsevod.
  3. Take the tampon moistened in liquid paraffin (wadded) and massage them a paunch. Carefully hold edges of a foul place with two fingers and try "to squeeze out" egg two fingers, at the same time without having crushed a shell! However it is not recommended to do it independently. If there is an opportunity to address the expert — use it.
If decided to work independently, be extremely careful! If you crush egg, the bird will die.
If you were late with necessary procedures and the bird was tired, calm her massage of a waist in the beginning, and then mass points under wings: in the wing basis behind the place of an otkhozhdeniye of a humeral bone. It will stimulate reductions of a yaytsevod. Further start massage of a paunch.
As soon as egg left a yaytsevod, enter into a foul place 1 drop of solution of Furacilin by means of the pipette. It is possible to apply tetracycline eye ointment also. It will provoke a fast exudate of allocations from walls of a yaytsevod so the hypostasis caused by the pressed foul place will pass.

If яйцевод dropped out outside together with egg, immediately ask for the help the veterinarian. It is very life-threatening the pet. Before survey of the expert the bird needs to be placed in the container with warm water or to turn in a damp towel to prevent drying mucous a yaytsevoda.

If egg broke, you need the help of the expert too to take splinters, without having wounded яйцевод. At impossibility of survey by the veterinarian, independently it is necessary to take splinters by means of tweezers. Then яйцевод it is washed with Furacilin and also Stroud's solution. At the same time the paunch of a bird and area of a foul place are massed.
do not use castor oil At all to wash out яйцевод as it is fraught with death of a bird!

At such complications as a rule antibiotics are appointed. Consult with the doctor even if you coped. Also the veterinarian will tell you whether it is possible to let this bird in cultivation further. Most often after loss of a yaytsevod or serious injuries of a shell, mucous from splinters, the repeated yaytsekladka can become life-threatening your feathery pet.

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