• Sep 18, 2019
in the house of a parrot it is necessary to be prepared For emergence in advance to help a bird to get used to new conditions.

After acquisition and transportation of a parrot home, it it is necessary to place in in advance prepared cage.

Shipping carrying needs to be placed in a cage or to lean opened to a door that the bird itself left in a cage. One party of a cage is recommended to be covered with opaque fabric that the bird could feel safe. In a cage already there has to be a forage and water. For confidence that the bird will precisely find a forage, advise a small part of grain mix to scatter at the bottom of a cage or to place in wide flat capacity and to put on a bottom.
In the first days at your place the parrot can have a disorder of digestion because of a stress and new food. Therefore to know better at the seller what forage was eaten by a bird to provide transition from one forage to wished smoothly.

a bird will get used the First several weeks to a new situation. It is necessary to take care of that the parrot felt safe: do not clap doors, do not turn on loudly the music and the TV, avoid other loud sounds and also do not turn on unexpectedly the light. Moving is a stress for a bird, her deprived of habitual dwelling, it is possible communication with relatives.

If the baby bird left a nested box only recently, he, first of all, in a new cage will look for the shelter and an exit in feeding troughs and drinking bowls, to hang headfirst and to creep in bottlenecks. Usually owners, be touched look at such behavior, but the situation is very dangerous: there were cases when the baby bird perished, having hammered into the closed feeding trough. Often owners think that the pet so plays or plays pranks, and do not realize that it is attempt of a young bird to find a way out or the shelter from a stress.

Many of birds in a new situation do not eat
and do not drink. If the bird looks externally healthy, leave her alone, let's look round, find a forage and water. During the daily procedures of feeding and cleaning, you speak with a bird quiet and tender tone.
Time of adaptation of a parrot depends on you and on a condition of a bird. If with health of the pet everything is all right, most likely, in several days he begins to chirp, investigate a cage and toys cheerfully. There were cases when new owners took away birds, brought home, and parrots at once began to look for a forage, to chirp, but it concerns more likely more adult birds. And happens and so that the baby bird can sit several days in one place silently, practically without moving — in that case, you need patience and observation.

, the period of adaptation passes much quicker when the bird remains one and calms down. Usually in the evening or in the morning when light is muffled, the calmed-down bird decides to investigate the cage. At such moments it is better for it not to disturb. And it is impossible to approach closely a cage at all and to stare at birds.

After the parrot was got home, support him separately from other birds within 30 — 40 days. The fan who does not maintain again bought bird on a quarantine risks to bring a dangerous infection, parasites and to ruin all pack. The first week watch how the parrot eats grain mix. If the bird well eats also a chair normal, then the diet needs gradually to be diversified. Sharp transition from one food to another is harmful and leads to disorder of digestion. Many fans cannot or do not want to maintain a quarantine — there is just not enough patience. And they begin to think out to themselves various excuses — accidentally took off, they so strongly called each other … That similar did not happen, it is not necessary to keep fowls in one room. It is better if the bird on a quarantine lives in the separate room and will not hear the relatives and to contact to them.

the Cage with a parrot is recommended to be put at the level of human growth in the lightest part of the room, but it is not really close to a window that there was no draft and not to overheat a bird. At too high position of a cage you will not be able to come into contact with a bird, and the provision of a cage below a table will cause concern in the pet.
It is impossible to have a cage and near heating devices, it can affect health and plumage of a bird also.

The noisy places on passes disturbing a bird close to the TV are not suitable for placement of a cage.

In winter time should not bring a parrot from cold in the warm room at once, temporarily take a bird in carrying in a corridor, there will be enough 20 — 30 minutes.

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