• Jan 23, 2019

a crow and to a raven, including them heterosexual birds of one look. But it is different representatives of one family of birds, and the raven possesses championship in mental capacities. The improbable intelligence of a raven surprised even scientists. There is a set of things of which these surprising creations are capable.


Intellectual opportunities of ravens

Probably, not in vain our ancestors mentioned ravens in the Russian folklore enough. They became heroes of many Russian fairy tales and legends. Long-term researches of ornithologists with world names proved improbable mental abilities of ravens .


The Facts about Crows

  • Transfer information each other.
  • Solve the logical tasks set for them.
  • Distinguish people appearance.
  • Imitate the human speech.

Apparently, these clever birds are able to do a lot of things.

Communication of birds

Crows the Cleverest Birds

Studying "conversation" of ravens, researchers came to a conclusion about presence at these birds of regional dialects. From this a conclusion follows that if there are differences in pronunciation of "penalties" in the different countries of the world, so there is also a conscious communication between representatives of different packs.

As one more confirmation of communication of these birds numerous cases when these birds warn relatives about danger among themselves act. For example, if one representative of pack in a certain place is offended by people, he, constantly croaking, begins to fly about this site, thus, warning pack about the conflict site.

Cases when they of a raven from pack killed are known, and other birds precisely remembered this place, any more never visiting him. And flew the party about the place of murder even of a bird from the subsequent generations .

This indisputable fact demonstrates not only to surprising memory of ravens, but also that they can communicate with representatives of the look.

Decision birds of logical tasks

Experiments with Crows

An opportunity to solve the logical tasks set by the nature in many respects helps crows not only to survive, but also it is fine to feel. For example, the person interested will regale on walnut of crows if is not able to split its firm shell a beak, will rise highly in air and will throw it down that that broke up. Happened cases when inventive birds threw nuts on the carriageway under wheels of cars then they without effort took away pulp from asphalt. that is to break nut they used:

  • sharpness;
  • endurance;
  • logical thinking.

Scientists decided to complicate to crows a task and thought up for them a special experiment. In absolutely empty room placed the jug with a narrow neck half filled with water, the small pebbles scattered on a floor and, of course, a crow. On a water surface in a jug worms, very delicious for a bird, swam well. It is simple get their crows could not as his beak simply was not located in a jug neck.

Why Crow the Cleverest Bird

The clever bird not for long looked for an exit from current situation. She quickly realized that in order that water level rose and worms became available, it is necessary to outline in a jug of stones. The raven threw into a vessel a pebble behind a pebble until could thank independently himself for sharpness tasty fat worms.

The most interesting that this experiment was repeated by four times in a row, every time attracting a new bird. Each of experimental ravens without all efforts solved an objective.

This experience became unambiguous confirmation of mental capacities of ravens. The bird not only could solve the complex problem set for it, but also used for its decision the provided objects as tools .

the Seattle experiment with persons

Researchers decided to make an experiment which purpose was to define whether human faces are capable to distinguish ravens. Within the research masks from skin were put on several volunteers. They caught and in a special way marked several birds from pack, having liberated them.

The Beautiful Photo with Crows

After a while the group of the people dressed in leather masks approached pack again. The dirty trick was that some masks were not in the previous experiment, that is their owners did not cause to birds of inconvenience. As soon as crows noticed the approaching people, they at once recognized "offenders" and began to attack them. In the beginning "victims" advanced to the attack, in a few minutes all pack joined them.

Crows with extraordinary ease distinguished those masks which were put on the people catching them. Birds simply did not notice volunteers who did not take part in the first part of an experiment.

In total about Crows

This research which birds handed over perfectly well proved that ravens are perfectly learned in crowd by individuals. Besides, they are capable to remember them and to transfer information on offenders to pack fellows, warning thereby the last about possible danger.

As for ability to reproduce the human speech, about it legends go. The world knows a set of ravens which not only talk, but also do it quite consciously, supporting quite coherent dialogue with the person and accurately formulating the thoughts and wishes.

Who knows, perhaps, in the future ornithologists will tell us the new, even more improbable facts demonstrating surprising intelligence of ravens.

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