• Jun 9, 2018

the Average speed of movement of an ostrich is 50 km/h. The few know that the ostrich is not only the largest bird on the planet Earth, but also the most quickly running. The African ostrich successfully compensates by run the imperfection in the form of inability to fly, and this inability a shortcoming to call hardly appropriate.

The Interesting Facts about the Speed of an Ostrich
the Average speed of an ostrich is 50 km/h

the Factors influencing speed

This quickly running bird is obliged by the speed to paws . They at it high, are very well developed, with powerful muscles. At an ostrich only 2 fingers which, however, perfectly serve him at run.

The first – big, externally similar to a foot also comes to an end with a powerful claw. It carries out not only basic, but also protective function. And here the second finger helps to keep balance, and at great speed the ostrich to them clings to the soil that helps it to make various maneuvers.

The Interesting Facts about the Speed of an Ostrich
This quickly running bird is obliged by the speed to paws

In usual conditions when the bird is not threatened by danger, she runs with a speed of 50 km/h. Scientists long studied physical capacities of an ostrich and came to a conclusion that the special structure of the musculoskeletal device helps to move to it. Thanks to powerful muscles this quickly running bird is capable to make big and at the same time graceful and easy steps.

From life of running feathery (videos)

Length of an ostrich's step is about 4 m

During run the bird tries to spend energy economically. It allows it to keep up with the pace and to overcome big distances. Scientists note that more any representative of fauna has no such ability.

It is necessary to tell that the speed of run of an ostrich depends also on a situation. The matter is that in case of danger the bird is capable to move with a speed of 70 km/h. At the same time also length of its step which can be 7 m However, fast speed increases the bird can support only at short distances then she comes back to the habitual mode again.

Oddly enough, but in the conditions of the African wild nature the ostrich is very seldom attacked by predators. Scientists connect it with its character. First, the African ostrich is capable to kill the opponent from 1 blow. Secondly, quickly running bird prefers not to enter a fight, and to run away from danger. The developed sight and hearing allow it to notice approach of a predator then the bird is let in flight at once for several kilometers.

The Interesting Facts about the Speed of an Ostrich

Behaviour of ostriches

The maximum speed of an ostrich was recorded at the level of 92 km/h. However it is an isolated case. It is interesting that during run this bird is capable to make sharp turns and even suddenly to lay down on the earth. Also kids are capable to maintain speed and resourcefulness.

What there was a surprise of scientists when they found out that baby birds at monthly age ran at the level with mother and maintained the speed of 50 km/h!

As it was already told, the bird differs in extra care. Other herbivores who are guided by her sharp-sighted eye often use it. However, ostriches are careful only during the extra nested period. And here during incubation of eggs and care of baby birds the bird becomes aggressive and fearless. She meets danger and at once rushes on the enemy. Therefore nobody enters open fight with the African representative of fauna. However hyenas and jackals can form groups and distract its attention to drag off egg from a nest.

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