• Sep 19, 2019

Many beginning owners panic when guldovy amadina begin to lose feathers, being afraid that the pet is seriously ill.

However needs to distinguish a natural molt амадин Gulda from symptoms of the arising disease.

the Moult амадин Gulda can last from 2 to 4 weeks. And birds can become slightly sluggish at this time, less willingly eat. Feathers puff up, gradually drop out.
molt guldovy амадин photo On a photo: a molt at амадин Gulda

How to help Gould's amadina to endure a molt?

to facilitate process of a molt амадин Gulda, include germinated grain, greens, vegetables, fruit and the crushed boiled eggs in a diet of birds.

will Also be useful to add fodder sulfur to mineral fertilizing.

do not worry — as soon as the molt амадин Gulda ends, your feathery friend will cheer up again, will return himself bright plumage and will be ready to reproduction.

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