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Swans are the largest birds among natatorial fellows. Many people are interested in questions of that, flying it is birds or not if yes, that where they can depart and if not, then where they winter.

Whether the Swan Is a Migratory Bird
Swans are the largest birds among natatorial собратьев

Описание birds

Swans are the most graceful and beautiful individuals on a reservoir. They behave majestically and a little proudly. Their measured and slow movements generated in the people of expression about a swan bearing and swan gait by which characterize young girls. These stately representatives of birds deservedly became heroes of fairy tales, songs, numerous stories, bylinas and legends.

Everywhere and they are always shown in the images symbolizing beauty and romanticism, purity and revival, nobility and wisdom. They live families. For the life they do not change the elects, take touching care of the born baby birds. Having been left without couple, they rise highly into the sky, put wings and break against stones. Stories in literature demonstrate to it.

Process of incubation of eggs (video)

They are divided into several types:

  • black;
  • shipuna;
  • klikuna;
  • chernosheyny;
  • the American;
  • swans trumpeters;
  • small swans.
Whether the Swan Is a Migratory Bird
the Majority of individuals of white color swans treat migratory birds to flying птицам


A part them from summer gnezdoviya are forced to move to other territories. Some packs go to Kamchatka . There very large number of warm geothermal sources. Other swans fly away on the South. They are settled on the coast of the Black Sea, in areas of the mouth of the Volga River, in Romania, Hungary or Denmark. Some part of birds from Russia finds a shelter for the winter on the Light or Swan lake. These reservoirs are located in Altai Krai where too there are a lot of hot springs. That is the swan lives in the winter where to him warmly and rather comfortably.

The majority of individuals of white color concern migratory birds. They are quite large, have big physical force, do not experience special difficulties in movement of hundreds, and sometimes and thousands of kilometers. Swans a wedge fly. At the head of it the place is taken by the strongest representative of pack. These are birds of family duck, subfamilies of geese. Their close relatives are brents and geese.

Whether the Swan Is a Migratory Bird

of Characteristic of some types

Individuals with black wings and a neck usually live in Australia and South America. But the trunk has them white color. The wingspan can be up to 2 m. Weight – 19-21 kg. White swans are very quiet birds. All of them time are silent. Only in case of the conflict or danger can begin to bite, shout, extend a neck and to wave wings. Blow of a wing they are capable to break to the person a hand. white individuals Lodge in areas with a temperate climate. They live usually on reservoirs. As food use various mollusks and fishes, small Crustacea and vegetation.

Klikun most often lives in a northern part of Eurasia. The zone of its dwelling includes some Scandinavian countries, Scotland, Iceland, Kamchatka, the Baltic, White and Black seas. They lodge most often on the grown with a cane or deaf forest lakes. Shipuna live a little to the south of klikun. They occupy an average zone of Europe and Asia. Can sometimes meet on swamps.

Whether the Swan Is a Migratory Bird

White copies can quietly worry winter if their reservoir does not freeze. Some scientists allocate to the following types of birds:

  • flying;
  • partially flying;
  • not flying.

treat the first type:

  • trumpeter;
  • small white;
  • кликун.

The last can remain for the winter on the summer place. Tundra individuals depart on a wintering to Asia, countries of Western Europe. Flight of swans usually more suits September or October, they come back in April.

Interesting facts (video)

Whether graceful swans fly away to the southern countries? To answer unambiguously the matter quite difficult. These individuals can quite be met among winter in places with warm keys. Some types never depart on the South. The climate quite suits them as they are quite frost-resistant birds. With they have enough food too. But the majority of these birds belong to flying. Their immediate family is geese. They differ from the last in longer neck which gives the chance to get food from considerable depth.

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