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In the modern world we often travel, some move to other countries. Often there is a question of movement of animals including decorative birds, through border. Of course, for short travel, not everyone will risk to take with himself birds as for feathery it will be a huge stress. Will be to find the best decision the person who will be able to look after your pet for the period of absence. However, there are situations when movement is inevitable. What needs to be known that a travel with a parrot did not turn into series of troubles and nightmares?
 parrot Kesha

International government agreement.

Exists the international government agreement signed as a result of the resolution of the International union of conservation (IUCN) in 1973 in Washington. The convention SITES is one of the largest agreements on protection of the wild nature. Parrots also are entered in the SITES lists by . The convention establishes that the animals and plants entered in lists of applications can be moved through border. However the travel with the parrot entered in such list requires a set of allowing documents.
are not entered In lists by Agapornis roseicollis (pink-checked a nerazluchnik ), Melopsittacus undulatus ( a wavy parrot ), Nymphicus hollandicus ( of a korell ), Psittacula krameri (Indian an annulate parrot ). Their export requires the smaller list of documents.

Study the legislation of the country of import.

From our country, usually, is required the pet international passport, chipping (ringing), the reference from the state veterinary clinic at the place of residence about the state of health of an animal at the time of export (usually in 2 — 3 days) or the veterinary certificate.
here the host can demand
A and additional documents. It can be additional analyses on an infection which birds and a quarantine can transfer.
As for views from the SITES lists, here everything is much more difficult. If the bird from this list was bought without covering notes, then to take out her it will not turn out. Upon purchase of a parrot it is necessary to sign the contract of purchase and sale. The seller is obliged to give to the buyer the original or the copy of the certificate on a bird granted to it by the Ministry of the RB nature protection resources.
needs to register Further a bird at the scheduled time, having provided this evidence and the contract of purchase and sale. The following step — to submit the application for registration to the Ministry of the RB nature protection resources. A term of this statement — 1 month. After that it is necessary to order the act of inspection that conditions of keeping of a bird meet the established standards at your place. At the moment it is a cage of the established sample. After that you receive the certificate on registration on your name. Only in the presence of this document you will be able to take out a bird abroad.

If you the owner of a species of the parrot who is in the first SITES list is necessary the import license of the host country. Types of the second list of such permission do not demand.

When you get all permissions to export and import of a bird to the alleged country, it is necessary to decide what transport will carry out a travel.
 the Parrot sits on the camera
Remember that birds by air transport are transported on preliminary coordination with airline which flight you intend to make flight. And also with the permission of the countries of arrival or transit at the international flights. Transportation of a bird is possible only the full age passenger. In a cabin birds whose weight together with a cage/container does not exceed 8 kg can be transported. If the weight of a bird with a cage exceeds 8 kg, then its transportation is provided only in a luggage compartment.
At a travel with a parrot by train to you, perhaps, should redeem the whole compartment.
On the car with it is much simpler — enough carrying or cages which has to be well fixed. You need to go via the red channel and to declare the pet.
As you can see, movement of parrots through border rather labor-consuming business. Besides, for feathery it can be a stress , but if to do everything by rules, the travel has to be painless both for you, and for the pet.

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