• Jan 16, 2019

of the Bird and animals throughout centuries constantly accompanied people. Birds were used for agriculture, by hunting and for decoration of rooms. Some of them possessed not only plumage of an unusual color, but also a beautiful voice. Today it is possible to find different exotic pets in pet-shops. Top-8 breeds of parrots who can be held in the apartment will help to decide on the choice of a specific bird.

which top of 8 breeds of parrots can be held in the apartment

Small copies

Wavy popugaychik cost not much, and it is easy to buy them. In the nature are found in Australia where live in big flocks. Characteristic features:

  • small size;
  • bright color (blue, yellow, green, white);
  • well imitate sounds.

What Parrots Can Be Held in the House

the Male gives in to training easier , he with high probability will begin to speak over time. Such birds eat fruit, vegetables, greens, grains. The small beak will not be able to do serious injuries to the owner. Therefore wavy popugaychik are safe for children.

One more popular breed for house contents is a korella. They have an unusual appearance: gray plumage, a yellow cop on the head and bright orange spots on the head. Such perceptible color made parrots of this breed easily recognizable. They there are not much more wavy, differ in sociability and friendliness. Very much sotsialna, need communication with other individuals or with the person. Korella miss it and get addictions.

Birds are sensitive to stresses , hard transfer change of a situation. Seldom talk, but imitate some simple sounds. Eat cereals, fruit, vegetables. As delicacy they are given small sticks with bark.

Korella can carry out simple tricks, willingly contacts to the owner. It pets can charge to the teenager.

The beautiful color, the small size have Nerazluchniki, contain in couples. will interestingly watch such birds , together they will not miss.

Serious breeds

Wavy Parrots in the Apartment

Many potential owners of birds dream such breeds as a cockatoo or жако. These are the big parrots having unique characteristics, but it is not so simple to support them.

Amazona possess beautiful emerald plumage with small spots of red color. Individuals reach length of 45 cm and can live up to 60 years. They differ in high ability to onomatopoeias. Like to talk in the presence of people, willingly contact. Feed amazon with porridge, vegetables, fruit, baby food, cereals. Can put with a big and strong beak of a bird serious injuries therefore it is necessary to handle them accurately.

Parrots of breed the Quaker are little-known. Length of a body is about 30 cm, plumage of light green color with sites of a pale gray shade. Gregarious birds therefore very much appreciate communication with the owner. Easily study and talk, amicably treat other animals. Eats the same, than and other parrots.

Macaws are known to many people as because of high intelligence and bright plumage they are often used in circus representations. body Length with a tail reaches one meter, and the color includes the next colors:

  • red;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • white.

What parrots to hold houses

Easily study tricks, remember words and on intelligence remind children of preschool age. Macaws differ in high cost, not everyone can buy such bird.

Parrot Zhako in House Conditions

Zhako looks not so attractively because of gray plumage. A body of the average size (about 35 cm in length), a strong beak. The bird is capable to master about 100 words. Needs radiation by an ultra-violet lamp. Surely add fruits of an olive palm tree to a diet — this ingredient is a part of ready-made feeds.

Cockatoos are considered as kings of the world of parrots. Big, with an impressive cop and high I.Q., they won love of many people. It is hard to support such pets, but they quickly study, remember words and imitate the speech.

Before getting a parrot of any breed, it is necessary to study attentively features of contents and to prepare everything for the new pet.

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