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the Siskin is the representative of songbirds belonging to family vyyurkovy, to group vorobyinoobrazny.

Unpretentious bird siskin: the description, conditions of keeping
the Bird the siskin is the representative of songbirds belonging to family vyyurkovy, воробьинообразных

Описание group of a magellanovy siskin

The bird has the small sizes, length of her body does not exceed 10-12 cm, and weight no more than 14 g. Coloring of a siskin chartreuse, passing into olive-green. Besides, at a body there are also spots of dark color, and at the lower part – pronounced yellow color. Steering feathers and wings are painted in black tone, but their basis yellow. The beak of a bird has gray color with transition to black, and pads brown.

At a magellanovy siskin the pronounced sexual dimorphism which is shown available some external differences between a female and a male is observed. Males on the head have a so-called hat of black color.

Song of these birds very pleasant. She reminds singing of a goldfinch, but already with canary "peal". Because of singing they are supported in house conditions.

South America is considered the homeland of these little birds. In wild conditions the bird lives in thickets of bushes of grassy prairies. Because process of adaptation to new conditions at a siskin takes place long enough and hard, the bird long time could not get accustomed in the territory of Eurasia. For this reason populations of a magellanovy siskin on this continent small.

Unpretentious bird siskin: the description, conditions of keeping is considered
of Rodina of siskins Southern Америка

Относительно forages of a bird are undemanding, but they have to live about water. Water is necessary for siskins not only to drink, but also for maintenance in purity of the plumage.

It is very important that at a diet of a siskin there were insects or their larvae. Such forage is especially valuable during bringing up of baby birds.

Separately the bird does not live as either couple, or small pack is necessary for her for survival. She twists nests and uses for this purpose small feathers of other birds, vegetable fibers, a horsehair, a grass and hair of animals. Nests of a siskin small that allows a bird to hide well them between branches of trees.

of Feature of siskins (video)

Posterity of a bird

The female lays no more than 5 eggs which she hatches out . Terms of incubation of eggs are about 2 weeks, and several days later after birth baby birds can already leave a nest. In the first days of the life baby birds completely depend on a female, and a female – on a male. About a week the male brings food which gives to a female, and 10-15 minutes later she begins to feed kids.

It is necessary for a baby bird about a month after the first departure from a nest for achievement of full independence. Until parents continue to care for the posterity. But every day care of posterity becomes less and less. At first the female does not leave a nest, but in a week begins to leave baby birds of some already. Every day time of stay of baby birds without parents increases.

Plumage of baby birds is completely formed upon completion of the first month of life. It is interesting that at the time of the first departure from a nest they have still no completely created plumage.

Unpretentious bird siskin: description, conditions of keeping

Behaviour and habits

The siskin very attractively looks. Disputes of scientists on how the male during the period from a molt to a molt looks are still conducted – each time it can change the color for more expressed yellow. Some experts claimed that it can be genetic mutations, others said that it consequences of adaptation to specific conditions of dwelling. Existed as well the version that a possibility of change of a color of feathers became result of impact of long-term evolution.

Results of many researches showed that during the marriage period of a song of males and females change . It is about a timbre of their voice. Changes are insignificant, but they are important for birds. Besides, changes happen also in behavior. Birds become more aggressive, and rather often between them there can be even fights.

Looking at flight of these little birds, it is possible to think that it is chaotic and has no logic. Actually the siskin is a bird who will not make any excess movement. Its so-called chaotic fluttering consists in search of food. The leader of pack operates process of search of food and if food is already not enough, then it will surely give a signal that it is time to fly on other territory. The style of flight of flock of birds reminds a wave. In wild conditions the bird carries out the most part of the life in flight. An exception is the period of a nasizhivaniye of eggs.

Unpretentious bird siskin: description, conditions of keeping

Contents in house conditions

The siskin is characterized by quiet character, he without special difficulties gets on with other pets. The period of adaptation to new conditions of dwelling is considered difficult. Considering this fact, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.

of the Condition and diet

To create the ideal habitat for these birds, first of all it is necessary to provide maintenance of stable temperature which has to be not less than +23 °C, but no more than +26 °C.

The bird always has to have water. This vital condition, the siskin not only drinks it, but also cleans the plumage. In this case the siskin is the bird reminding a parrot who at first will slightly be wetted and then will long peer at a mirror. Except water for bathing, in a cage surely there has to be one more container with the water intended for drink. Drinking water should be changed regularly, and to wash out capacity. If to allow water to stand, then the bird can get sick that will lead to a lethal outcome.

The siskin is not especially exacting to a forage. But it is necessary to know that the bird loves seeds of herbs and trees. Seeds of coniferous trees have to enter a diet. To provide this condition, to place rather periodically in a cone cage. One more necessary delicacy for a magellanovy siskin are dandelion seeds. Under natural conditions on fields with dandelions it is possible to observe the whole packs of these beautiful birds. As for insects or larvae, it is very important that they were present at a stern during reproduction. But at home it is very difficult to provide ideal conditions for this purpose. A fine forage for siskins during reproduction are the plant louse and caterpillars.

In the rest of the time in a diet of a bird there have to be a millet and oats. the forages Offered in shops already include these ingredients. It is also important to add to grain mix apple and carrots regularly. In addition with spring the diet of a siskin can be expanded due to entering of buds of a birch into it. In the period of a molt in food addition of rice or boiled egg is recommended to a siskin. Such variety in a stern during a molt is necessary to provide growth of healthy and beautiful plumage.

Unpretentious bird siskin: description, conditions of keeping

Place of contents

To provide ideal conditions for life of a siskin in house conditions, it is necessary to care not only for temperature of the environment and for a variety of a diet, but also for a cage which has to have height not less than 50 cm. If there is an opportunity, then instead of a cage it is better to lodge a siskin in the open-air cage. Besides, the probability of reproduction of these freedom-loving birds significantly increases in the open-air cage.

The back wall of a cage and one of side have to be deafs. Very often top part of the open-air cage or a cage is closed too, but not completely. The internal part of the room needs to be decorated a tree branch that the bird could jump on it.

Special attention should be paid to creation of a nest. In this case it is necessary to observe some time a bird, to throw her material and to look whether she will be able independently to construct a nest. If for several days the siskin of it did not make, then it is necessary to help him.

as material for a nest it is possible to use:

  • moss;
  • vatu;
  • grass;
  • wool.

Unpretentious bird siskin: description, conditions of keeping

Useful tips

During the marriage period it is recommended to disturb a bird as little as possible. At this time even cages it is purged much less often. Besides, if the feeding trough is fixed about a nest, then it is the best of all to move it to the opposite side.

If to provide the correct care of birds, then life expectancy of birds can make more than 8 years. It is interesting that under natural conditions this indicator on average is only 2 years.

the Magellanic siskin is very much a clever bird. At her easily develop conditioned reflexes that allows to teach her to the necessary behavior. Even having left a cage opened, it is possible not to worry about a bird – she will not fly away and furniture will not damage too.

When the siskin absolutely adapts to new living conditions, he can even teach to be eaten from hands of the person. She will sit down on a shoulder of the owner and there is rather long time there.

As is sung by a siskin (video)

It is important to know that the most dangerous enemy for a magellanovy siskin of the house is the cat.

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