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In all variety of the existing breeds of birds with the coloring and features of flight.

Uzbek pigeons: the description, versions, the contents the Uzbek pigeons are considerably selected to
with the coloring and features of flight

These tremendous birds appeared in the territory of Central and Central Asia, a bit later – in the Caucasus. Now they are available in the different countries and regions. Pigeons of Kazakhstan join in this breed too. But their number is small, and distribution is poorly developed. These birds by tradition are called by "the Uzbek boyny pigeons" – they can vertically fly up and it is very beautiful, quickly to touch wings, publishing "fight", i.e. to clap loudly.

Main versions (video)

Description of the Uzbek breeds of birds

Uzbek pigeons generally have the simple structure of a body, accurate, average massiveness. Because the exterior of these birds is not similar one to another, they can strongly differ with existence (or absence) shaggy legs, a forelock, length of a beak and neck, body weight. Foot plumage, still it is called by "tousle", is a pride of many Uzbek breeds and special thoroughbred sign. Manufacturers admit that to bring a bird, reference on appearance, – a difficult task.
These birds in the breed are divided into two subspecies: game pigeons and exhibition. In turn, game are divided into the following types and differ on the exterior:

  • chelkar;
  • to gulbada.

Are famous for Gulbadamskiye for the most delicate snow-white color and big white eyes, a small red or yellow small beard. In turn, pigeons of a chelkara have a marble and gray-haired color and feathers on paws.

Uzbek pigeons: the description, versions, the contents
Uzbek Pigeons generally have the simple structure of a body, accurate, average массивности

Игровые birds have one more division on a coloring and existence of a forelock: chubaty pigeons, dvukhchuby.
Differ in Chubatye in the lifted forelock on a nape. Before shootings or any displays of these birdies the forelock is slightly combed in order that they looked good. Dvukhchubye have "chubchik" on a nape and on a frontal part of the head before eyes. Birds very fluffy owing to what seem massive. The Uzbek dvukhchuby have not only the shaggy head, but also fluffy pads.

Except the above-named birds, game include such subspecies as pigeons of a tasmana and traps. Tasman is a pale-yellow bird with a belt, has a dark gray ribbon on the end of a tail. Pigeons traps (Kapkan-chinn) are white pigeons with a red or yellow breast and several black feathers.

Uzbek pigeons: description, versions, contents

Pigeons of Uzbekistan include a lot more versions in the breed: авлак, хаккя, gulsara, Sochi, antimony, gura, kurana which in turn have a set of subspecies proceeding from a color.

Game pigeons, as well as other Uzbek breeds, live long enough: 10-20 years. birds possess Reproductive function within 10 years. Taking this bird species, it is necessary to watch strictly them one month. In case of symptoms of a disease the Uzbek pigeons have to be moved on the quarantine mode. Need of contents them in the certain hen house is explained by reasons of safety of other pets.

Game pigeons need particular temperature condition and humidity which have to be observed in a moderate state. A floor in the hen house has to be with sawdust, and they should be changed regularly. The Uzbek pigeons have to live in correctly equipped hen house. A soft floor is necessary for birds, otherwise they can be injured. Birds need to add antibiotics from the earliest age to food, to carry out vaccination of all individuals. These procedures will promote increase in immunity of birds to gulbada and chelkary.

Uzbek pigeons: description, versions, contents

Maintenance and leaving

In care of these birds communication and systematic survey is very important. Pets have to be accustomed to the owner. At first the Uzbek pigeons have to cease to be afraid of appearance of the pigeon breeder in the hen house when feeding and cleaning. For this purpose experienced manufacturers advise to come to a dovecot constantly in identical clothes, so game pigeons will get used to appearance of the person who is looking after them over time. Then it is necessary to accustom pets to take food from hands. That this process took place quicker, birds can give various delicacies, for example sunflower sunflower seeds. For a start a few sunflower seeds need to be added to a feeding trough, next day – to scatter near itself.

After game pigeons will rather well get used to communication, it is possible to give them food from an open palm. Also fans of birds note that the easiest to come into contact with them in winter time a feeding up from hands. Then pigeons Uzbek become less timid.

the Interesting facts about pigeons (video)


Grains and a grass have to be the main food of birds. One adult individual has to receive 30-40 g of a forage a day. Barley has to make the most part of a diet of birds. It is also possible to give pearl barley, sometimes – a millet. Birds should be fed up the fresh grass containing many vitamins.

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