• Jan 14, 2020

Venezuelan Amazon (Amazona amazonica)







 the Venezuelan Amazon scare a photo

On a photo: Venezuelan Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance of the Venezuelan Amazon

The Venezuelan Amazon is a korotkokhvosty parrot with a length of body about 31 cm and with an average weight about 470 гр. The sexual dimorphism is not peculiar. Main color of plumage of the Venezuelan Amazon green. Forehead and cheeks yellow. Around eyes there can be blue feathers. In wings there are red and blue feathers. In the tail yellowish feathers, there can be red impregnations. The Okologlaznichny area is deprived of feathers, gray color. The basis has a powerful beak, light gray, a tip dark. Paws are powerful, gray. Gray-orange eyes.
Is known two subspecies of the Venezuelan Amazon differing in elements of coloring and an area of dwelling of a look
Life expectancy of the Venezuelan Amazon at the correct leaving – about 50 - 60 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of the Venezuelan Amazon

The look lives in Colombia, Venezuela, a northern part of Brazil, Guiana and Peru. Since 1981 in world trade 268,510 individuals of the Venezuelan Amazon were registered. Population is stable, however destruction of the native habitat causes concern that can lead to extinction of a look.
the Venezuelan Amazon lives at the height from 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. Prefers low-lying and woody areas. Usually keep near water. Can meet in tropics, savannas and also agrolandscapes — gardens, parks and plantations.
Eat the Venezuelan amazona fruits, flowers and other vegetative parts of plants. Often visit orange and mango groves.
Usually gather in packs up to 50 birds, up to 200 individuals more rare. Can visit the cities.

 the Venezuelan Amazon in the forest of a photo

On a photo: Venezuelan Amazon. Photo: wikimedia.org

Reproduction of the Venezuelan Amazon

The nested season in Trinidad and Tobago falls on January-June, in other regions for December-February. For a nest choose hollows or cavities of trees. In a laying usually 3 – 4 eggs. The female within 25 days hatches them. At the age of about 8 weeks baby birds of the Venezuelan Amazon leave a nest.

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